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New Zealand Testimonials and Pictures


Here are some interesting comments and pictures from a few "NEW KIWI'S"!!


Hi Mary, The trip to New Zealand was fabulous, we do wish we would have had more time, which you had told us about, but still it was awesome. Cindi

Rick Berndsen and Lori Nelson visited Australia and New Zealand on their vacation.  All their pictures were beautiful and sounds like they tried to see and do everything they could on this ADVENTURE!

Rick and Lori on their NZ adventure of a lifetime!

Imagine a baloon ride over the countryside!









Imagine visiting this beautiful waterfall and HOT AIR Ballooning in Australia/ New Zealand!!!  


Then hop on the Bush Buggy and visit Milford Sound!!!  These two are living the LIFE!


Go check out the waterfalls in Milford Sound!!! 

Milford Sound








Lori and Rick met some new friends on this trip, some with 2 legs and others with fur and fins!!   See our Australia page for more!   





Lori is holding a Kola bear from a city north of Auckland New Zealand and the one with me in front of the big tree is from a botanical garden in Christchurch.  We think BIG Rick sure looked really tiny compared to those big babies!!


A Fantastic Cruise from Sydney to Aukland!

‚ÄčGayle, I just looked over my pictures of our trip to Australia and New Zealand and I would love to do it AGAIN!!!!   Cookie and Bob Brock on a cruise in Australia and New Zealand

New Zealand started with Princess Cruises going through the Fjordlands National Park.  What a fantastic place!!!  Waterfalls, rain forrests, views galore!!  It was so neat to view from the ship and then turn around and see the other side from our balcony all over again.
We missed Dunedin  (would have loved to see that!) because the ship wasn't able to stop in port because of high waves.   No worries, we were able to visit Christchurch which was my favorite place!!   We toured the bay around the city fantastic views- overlooks and all.   Then we stopped at the Anartica museum.  We didn't get to see the whole museum because it is an all day tour and we were short of time, but we made up for it by shopping for tons of souvenirs and good stuff for ourselves.   We saw the most beautiful gardens and homes and private school. It was quite emotional to see the beams from the New York World Trade Center.  It was a gift from the NY firefighters to New Zealand firefighter for a memorial to our lost men. Then we went to Tauranga which is a great beach town.  I would love to spend 2 or3 days there.  There we went to a Kiwi farm, hey who knew kiwi's (the fruit) were grown on trees! Then we went to a village of ancient islanders.  I think they are the Moriori tribe. Then off to see the Geisers which smelled like sulpher.  


It was all great!!!   I  would recommend going to New Zealand to everyone.  We didn't get to see much of Auckland since that was our last day of the cruise.  If I was going again I would stay in Auckland a few days and then going back to Sydney.  I definately would love to stay in Sydney again.   Everyone was so friendly and helpful there.  They were friendly the whole trip... from cab drivers to servers in restaurants to people on the street. 
 Mary- Here is the photo of my jump, I was jumping at 14,000 ft.  We were hour away from Auckland, New Zealand.  Karen

Hi Mary....we made it home safely.  It is amazing how 15 days can go so quickly.  All I can say is that it was an awesome journey!!!! 

Our only disappointment was the weather...unseasonable cool Feb- was only in the low 50's in Queenstown (when it was in the 80's the week before and scheduled to be in the 70's the day after we left).  Also, unfortunately our Milford Sound flight-cruise-flight was cancelled due to windy conditions on our last day.

There were many, many highlights which I would be happy to share with you, along with some thoughts for improvements for the next traveler.

Thanks again for organizing this trip . 


Honeymoon in New Zealand was Amazing!

Hi Mary,

I just wanted to write a quick thank you to you for all the work and answering of questions to you did to make our honeymoon a complete success!  It was absolutely wonderful and currently we are waiting for pictures to come back.  Once I go through them I will send you a couple of our favorites!

Thanks so much!

Ashley and Marc



Mt Cook Cadbury Chocolate is yummy!

4-wheeler ride just south of Kaikoura...our very favorite excursion of the whole trip!!  Check out the highlights from their honeymoon in NZ!!

 4-wheeler ride just south of Kaikoura...our very favorite excursion of the whole trip!!

- Mt. Eden in Auckland

- Park by Auckland Museum

 - Outside Auckland Museum

 - Walk on the beach in Paihia

 - Walk on beach in Paihia

 - Rotorua - Te Puia thermal village - Pohutu  Geyser

 - Huka Falls, Taupo

 - Napier

 - Misson Vineyard - Napier

 - 4-wheeler ride just south of Kaikoura...our very favorite excursion of the whole trip!!

- Real Journey's Day Cruise of Fjords

-Skipper's Canyon Jet Boat Ride out of Queenstown

If you want more...we have more.  Also if you want more options on activities that we did for future reference we would be happy to offer them up!!  Ashley 

New Zealand isn't just for BUCKET LISTS!  Go back again and again.  I know you missed something when you were there!
 Gayle loved her trip to New Zealand

I loved my second trip to New Zealand.  Imagine both these pictures taken in one day. 

Read on for some more 
NZ pics and reviews by Gayle.








Mary Malsch our KIWI Specialist in New Zealand


Our own Mary Malsch from First Choice Travel and Cruise was lucky enough to experience a trip of a lifetime in New Zealand!

Mary loving her New Zealand Adventure Mary is ready for the boat!

Ask Mary all about her passion...New Zealand and Australia!! 

New Zealand is her passion!






Mary and the TRAVEL2 rep Judy Sweet laugh about the
adventure and great times while in New Zealand.




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