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Mary Malsch, the Operations Manager for First Choice Travel is working on AUSTRALIA and New Zealand trips almost every week of the year for our clients!!  She has been an AUSSIE and KIWI specialist for well over 27 years and knows all the ins and outs that make her an Expert in Australia and New Zealand.  Mary says "it really helps to keep up weekly on all the changes, sales and updates so she can relate all the news to her AUSSIE and KIWI clients". 

Mary not only specializes in Australia and New Zealand in the South Pacific, but Europe and exotic itineraries are also her forte.  Groups, Alaska, Hawaii, Cruises and Adventure Travel are also some of her specialties.  She has also cruised extensively and travelled abroad whenever she can.  Mary escorted a large group to ALASKA and everyone had a ball!   


Mary Malsch is passionate about working with her clients trips to Australia and New Zealand.  She probably sells the most of these South Pacific Destinations in the area!!!  Mary always finds them the best itineraries and accommodations and her clients all come home so happy!!  Many repeat and referrals come from these exotic and unique destiantons that ONLY MARY can sell the way she does!!! 

Mary ​has visited New Zealand and cannot stop talking about her experiences.  She loves to share her experiences with everyone.  Mary is very popular and always busy with repeat clients who have requested her expertise!


Mary always like the most adventurous destinations!Off the beaten track is where Mary likes to explore!Mary said, "This first photo is from the Milford Mariner cruise I was on.  The second photo was on a cruise to view the Tasman Glacier near Mt. amazing"!!!


Mary Malsch
2120 E Moreland Blvd Suite K
Waukesha, WI 53186
First Choice Travel and Cruise
262-542-5955 / 800-896-4360
 "Not all those who wander are lost"  - J. J. R. Tolkien



Call me today to plan your ADVENTURE VACATION memories!    262-542-5955 / email: 
Our Australia and New Zealand director of sales for Islands in the Sun loves Mary!

Mary can sell whatever she wants in my book! Australia is still recovering from her visit!

Probably knows more about Australian hotels than my entire Aussie family!