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The South Pacific is where our passion lies and motivation kicks in! It never ceases to amaze us on our first glimpse of the South Pacific. It is like stepping foot in a place like no other on earth. How could you not be excited to travel to Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, the Cook Islands or Tahiti?

Explore the Pacific where some of the most beautiful, serene and exotic islands in the world await.  These tropical regions are ideal destinations if YOU are looking to step up your next vacation!  Each one is incredible, like precious jewels!


I bet one.... or maybe all of these destinations are on your bucket list.....why wait?
The South Pacific should definately on your bucket list!  Lets go now!

The islands of the South Pacific are not all alike.  Each with their own distinct personalities, spectacular views, a variety of highly recommended activities and of course the culture and people you meet along the way.  Some of these destinations might seem the same as they were 100 years ago. Together lets explore the right choice for YOU!

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ested in traveling to Tahiti, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand or the Maldives? Our friend Ward, our Aussie rep, stopped in with some fabulous updates on these Amazing dream destinations! We are here to help check off your bucket list at no extra charge!

There are several reasons that First Choice Travel and Cruise has become a leader in integrated travel to the South Pacific. With over 30 years in the travel business, we are experts in destination vacations to the South Pacific, including Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Tahiti, and Cook Islands.

The Top 3 Reasons to book with First Choice Travel and Cruise South Pacific Specialists:

  1. Our expert staff has firsthand experience in many of our SP destinations, allowing them to better assist you in planning your next vacation.
  2. We offer both escorted and customized vacation options with a variety of top rated vacation packages that are guaranteed to surpass your expectations.
  3. Our vacation packages are perfect for pre or post cruise adventures!

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We think that Australia is on almost everyone's adventure bucket list and we would be happy to get you there to experience the time of your lives, Mate!Put Australia on your MUST VISIT list!


Why visit Australia? 

Mary our Aussie Specialist has been selling Australia forever. She said the big pull to Australia for most people is to actually see and experience some of the most unique areas of the world they have always heard about.

The Great Barrier Reef, a divers and snorkelers paradise, meets the Rainforest in the north east portion of the country.  Dive, snorkel or explore some of the barrier islands.  On the flip side the rainforest on the mainland has flora, fauna and local villages to visit.  Farther south you have the Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide for gambling, beaches, wine country, nightlife and culture.  Great restaurants, museums, markets and galleries in addition to what everyone thinks about when they think of Australia, the Sydney Opera House and the Harbor Bridge.

Tasmania and Kangaroo Island off the southern coast offer wildlife and scenery different than the rest of the country, you might even see the infamous Tasmanian Devil!  Inland you have the Blue Mountains, opel country and the "Red Center".  The "Red Center" has Ayers Rock, the Olgas and Kings Canyon, some of the most spectacular and colorful rock formations in the world.  This is also the area you might see Aboriginal rock engravings and cave paintings.  If you have enough time you might want to travel west to Perth for more Wine country, whale watching, dolphin encounters or travel 2 hours north to Broome, pearl of the north.  Broome is home to one of the largest cultured pearl operations in the world.  Your last stop might be Darwin in the north.  Home of Kakadu National park and the Warradjan Aboriginal Cultural Center.  You can't leave Australia without learning about the ancient culture and legends of the country and each area highlights their own past.

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With some of the most welcoming hospitable people in the entire South Pacific, you’ll arrive in Fiji as a guest....... but leave as family!

Fiji is a great alternative in the South Pacific for couples or families who want to immerse themselves in the local village culture of Fiji and drift off into 'Bula Time' or 'Island Time'.  Fiji is a very large country with 3 times the population as the French Polynesia.  Having a big mix of Melanesian, Polynesians, Fiji Indians and Micronesians creates a wonderful variety of ceremonies and festivals.   The Kava ceremony and fire walkers are an unforgettable experience not to be missed.

Some say that Fiji is so affordable and price friendly that this is one of the main reason why more Americans are now headed to Fiji instead of some other polynesian islands. Very exciting & exotic!

So many different little time!  Lets explore some of them!

Some of the beaches offer a remote experience like you were ship wrecked!

Other resort areas cater to children with friendly staff and a great nanny program.   So no two islands are alike in this paradise.

If you want more action than some of the more remote outer islands we can find just the right place for you. Every island has a different personality...and a local chief!

Bula and Welcome to FIJI!

The Namale Resort in Savusavu on the island of VanuaLevu was a favorite of mine.  Absolutely breathtaking and so different!  Like Robinson Caruso!    Each guest has their own private “Bure” or bungalow.  Very luxurious.  You don’t wear shoes into the restaurant, you leave them at the entryway.  When you leave, your shoes are turned around ready for you to slip on and walk away, incredible.  The food here was excellent.  There are lots of adventures for you to experience.  The diving and snorkeling is spectacular as there are so many reefs to explore.  Lets not forget the beautiful rainforests.

Yasawa Island is the BLUE LAGOON of FIJI.  No really it is.  This had to be one of the most beautiful deserted islands I have ever seen.  You fly over on the little 8 passenger planes and land in a field which is the resorts private landing strip.  This is the island of Fiji that you see in the pictures and movies.  The beautiful turquoise water and reefs.  We visited a village and met the “chief”.  That is quite the experience in different cultures.  Again snorkeling was impressive (and the diving).  The Bure’s are beautiful.  The local people and their music, just great.

If you like adventure or just want to get away from it all.  Fiji is the place.  The “Kava ceremony” is a must do as well;)   It would also be a great stopver if you are planning on visiting Australia & New Zealand.

Bula…this is the Fiji greeting, thank you and your welcome.  So safe to say all the time!

Contact us for an adventure on of the many Fijian Islands! 

Tahiti, Bora Bora, Moorea, Huahine, Ta ha ha, Raiatea

        Overwater bungalows are unlike any other hotel you have stayed in!

Imagine Paradise! The legend of romance and the South Seas is alive and well in French Polynesia!

When you think of Paradise ....are you dreaming of white sand beaches, clear, I mean really crystal clear aqua marine colored waters, your own private over water bungalow, the aroma of gorgeous tropical flowers and the soft sounds of some exciting French Polynesia dancers inviting you to relax and enjoy yourselves in the most romantic destination you can imagine?

Well then the islands of Tahiti are for you!  French Polynesia is the idyllic place for romance and couples like you! Lets discuss which islands will best fit your own personal preferences for a Polynesian Vacation or celebration trip to Paradise!

Its like an artist landscape waiting for you to take your pictures.  One of the most beautiful places on earth!

Not only will you experience the Polynesian Culture, swim with the sharks and stingrays, go diving or snorkeling, surf, visit the Tiki Village or marae stone structures, wear a traditional pareu, pick up a couple "Black Pearl" souvenirs, and jump in the turquoise lagoons off your over-water bungalow but you can also.... the list can go on. 

Please ask Gayle about a few surprises like a motu picnic, a romantic canoe breakfast delivered right to your overwater bungalow or how to save money while in Bora Bora, Moorea and Tahiti!

Experience the luxury of Tahiti and stay in an over-water bungalow.  These overwater bungalows usually come with a glass bottom so you can see the fish and beautiful coral gardens under your bunalow and your own staircase to the ocean!  This is the ultimate must see and do to ensure you have a perfect Polynesian Vacation!

More on TAHITI!

Gayle Zielke, Your Certified Tahiti Tiare Specialist
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New Zealand


Why visit New Zealand?

Mary our KIWI specialist gets asked this question a lot and she can go on for hours about the country, but let's give you just a few highlights and ideas to get you excited about this great destination New Zealand.  

You fly into Auckland, the City of Sails, on the north island.  Go sailing or climb the volcano and take a look at the city from a completely different view.  Galleries, walking trails, beaches, and wildlife encounters are just a few of the things to do in this exciting city.  Head north for a few days to the Bay of Islands or the northern most point of New Zealand for a relaxed beautiful drive.  South of Auckland you will find thermal activity, hot springs in the Rotorua area.  I enjoyed learning about the Maori at a cultural eveing feast.  Dinner and a Maori show made the learning fun and exciting.  Another must see is the Glow Worm Grotto and for you adventure seekers you might want to consider "Zorbing".  Look it up and see if you are up to the adventure!!!  The south part of the North Island and the North part of the South Island are a wine lovers paradise. 
Many parts of the South Island reminded me of one of my favorite spots in the US.  Mt Cook, Milford Sound Fox Glacier and Franz Josef Glacier just to name a few.  Majestic mountains and the sea make me think of Alaska and would bring me back to New Zealand over and over again.  Queenstown is the Adventure Capital of the world.  Jet boats, bungy jumping, hiking, biking and even skiing are just a few of the options available.  For you avid hikers the Milford Track is known as one of the finest walks in the world.  From Glade Wharf to Milford Sound this can only be started by 40 independent walkers per day and you can only go one direction to preserve the trail.  On the east coast of the island is Christchurch, a beautiful city that reminded me of a small town in England.  Fine dining, cute shops and galleries and the jumping off spot for the Trans Alpine train.  The Trans Alpine crosses the south island from Christchurch near the sea through Arthurs Pass in the mountains and ends in Greymouth on the West Coast of the island.   New Zealand is a nature lovers paradise!

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I bet ONE or more of these SOUTH PACIFIC destinations are on your bucket list!  Lets choose the right one for YOU to cross off this year!!

The Cook Islands

Cook Islands is where the excitement begins!

I can honestly say we have been to these amazing South Pacific Islands and the island called the "Cooks"! The Cook Islands is the ultimate destination for travelers seeking unique experiences and "off the beaten track" in island escapes. Lets discuss why in the world you would want to visit the Cook Islands and Atutaki!

 I imagine that half the world doesn't know about this best kept secret destination!  It is off the beaten path.  If I wasn't a South Pacific Specialist and interested in everything about Polynesia I might have missed this SECRET too!!!

The reason this great secret is missed is because it isn't that easy to get to if you want to only spend a week on vacation.  To get to the Cook Islands you fly into Rarotonga from LA.  Actually a great direct flight will get you to the Cook Islands.   Then experience two totally different vacations in one!!  A quick flight from Rarotonga will take you to a small island paradise called: Aitutaki!  Atutaki's low volcanic core is almost surrounded by breathtaking aqua blue waters and a coral lagoon.  Some of the best snorkeling is found of the sandy beaches of both islands. Limeston cliffs, caves and fishing beckons the adventuring spirit of travelers.

The Cook Islands and Atutaki boasts of being an affordable quiet, relaxing, a cultural influence from New Zealand and an undiscovered get away.

Cook Islands Adventures await YOU!If you are looking for a little adventure and layed back atmosphere I think we found just the right slice of Paradise YOU are looking for! 

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