Moorea is a beautiful island near Tahiti! Shhhh Its the best kept secret!

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"Moorea is the first island I stayed at in Tahiti and where I first fell in love with all of TAHITI and her Islands!  Of course this was also my first experience in an overwater bungalow and trust me....everyone wants to stay in an overwater bungalow once they see one.  6 times to Tahiti is not enough for me!  The overwater bungalows are so different and exciting.  Imagine looking down through your coffee table or floor and see all the underwater world of exotic fish and amazing colorful coral.


To me the island of Moorea is a hidden gem, as it is not as well known as Bora Bora, but just as beautiful and actually larger than Bora Bora. Still not as big as anything you are probably used to in the Caribbean or Mexico though. There is more to do on this island too which is always attractive to my active couples.
There are all sorts of restaurants you can visit while on this island, even though the food is great here at the resorts and especially nice for their dinner show here too.  I highly recommend the Polynesian shows and dinners at the resorts.  

It is hard to describe the beauty of Mooea and the other islands in Tahiti", says Gayle Zielke, president of First Choice Travel and Cruise and Tahiti Tiare Specialist.  "You will want to experience it yourself, then you will understand what Paradise looks like!"


Ia Orana!  Here are some of my favorite resorts in Moorea. 

The Hilton Moorea has upgraded this amazing property.  The first resort I went to and keep going back. One of the best snorkeling spots is right here at this hotel in Moorea! Check out the new plunge pool bungalows below. 

The HILTON MOOREA & Lagoon wins awards all the time!  I know why!

The last time I was a the Hilton Moorea I had a really nice garden with private plunge pool room.  The hotel, staff and food here are still as great as it was the first time I was here. I always sell this property for my Tahiti clients especially for the snorkeling!  It is amazing, clear and not really deep!  So you can see the bottom even if you don't put your head in the water!  Everyone loves it here and comes back sold on Tahiti and its beauty!

The Hilton Moorea has spent $$$$ and upgraded their wonderful property. Used to be the Sheraton Moorea and my first resort I stayed at in Tahiti.  The love affair has not ended!   One of the best snorkeling is right here in Moorea! Check out the new plunge pool bungalows below.  The garden and deluxe garden with pool along with overwater bungalows are the most popular rooms I sell at this lovely resort.  They definately know me here at this resort!


Hilton Moorea has quite a few bungalow options!Beach bungalows are right there on the beach waiting for you!

The water is so clear and some areas are shallow like this so you don't even have to snorkel, just walk out and look down to so many different species of fish and coral.  It is an amazing sight you won't forget.  This is the best way to snorkel...without a mask!!!  You can tell I am talking from experience here.  I have stayed here a couple of times already. I LOVE THIS PROPERTY!"  Gayle Zielke, Tahiti Tiare agent.


The Sofitel Moorea is a beautiful larger resort with amazing restaurants and entertainment ....and a perfect place for snorkeling right under your overwater bungalow.  The Sofitel boasts of having the longest / largest beach in Moorea and I think that is true!  The gardens are lovely and so is this whole property with the mountain views, overwater bungalows and at the Sofitel Moorea even the beach bungalows are truly perfect.  There are not many beach bungalows on the islands because everyone wants the overwater bungalow but here I can recommend all of their bungalows.

Sofitel Moorea has the largest beach

Sofitel Moorea is very romantic!







At the Sofitel Moorea even the beach bungalow are amazing as you can see above along with the largest beach in Moorea. A beautiful choice for my beach walkers!



The Pearl Beach Resort in Moorea is great for our budget minded guests.  The gardens are lovely here and the beach may not be the largest but it is very nice and so are the friendly people here.  There is a nice little store within walking distance to buy beer, soda, wine and anything you need if you are not on the meal plan.  Lunch was amazing at this great little resort.

The Moorea Pearl Beach

 I really want you to see Tahiti and this property in Moorea is sometimes perfectly priced for my clients who cannot afford the $8000 on up budget for high season in Tahiti. 


If you are looking for more of a villa or condo the Legends Resort located on a cliff side might be what you are looking for.  Lets talk about what kind of accomodations work best for you.


Snorkeling with the sharks and stingrays is an exciting tour on Moorea.  Try the picnic lunch on a motu (little island) with the package and eat like the natives do!

 I love swimming with the stingrays but don't want to touch them

INTERESTED IN GOLF?  Only in MOOREA!  My husband golfed here and really enjoyed it!  Wasn't crowded!  Everyone must be underwater!


 Moorea Green Pearl golf course opened their 18 holes 
(Tahitipresse) - The Moorea Green Pearl Golf Course has opened all 18 holes of its Nicklaus Design championship facility and are currently working on their own hotel.  Experience a golf in the South Pacific!

Project also includes:

--A spa and fitness center;
--A 154-room hotel managed by a five-star hotel company;
--And, plots for 115 unique residential villas located on the hills of the northern coast of
Moorea, next to the golf course and next to a beach.

The project is spread out over nearly 165 hectares (408 acres) of land with a 650-meter (710-yard) white sand beach only a few minutes drive from the Moorea Airport.

This will be the second golf course in French Polynesia
. The island of Tahiti has the Olivier Bréaud International Golf Course, a par 72, 5,950-meter (6,507-ft.) course located in the Atimaono area of Tahiti
's south coast between the Commune of Papara and the District of Mataiea.

Nicklaus Design was founded by American golf legend Jack Nicklaus and has played a role in the development of nearly 300 golf courses in 28 countries.

The Moorea Green Pearl Golf Course will be the first links in
French Polynesia to have an onsite hotel and spa as well as villas. Mountain villas will range from two to four bedrooms. They will be built on plots varying in size from 2,000 to 2,500 square meters (21,528-26,910 sq. ft.). Villas next to the beach and the golf course will offer two or three bedrooms. They will be built on plots ranging in size from 1,000 to 1,500 square meters (10,764-16,146 sq. ft.). 

You can download their complete brochure with course details and 2010 retail prices by clicking here.

The 6,600 yard, par-70 course is an 18-hole championship course, designed by Jack Nicklaus and built to provide a challenge for the professional and inspiration to the amateur. The course and clubhouse boast magnificent views of the lagoon, mountains and Moorea’s sister island of Tahiti across the Sea of the Moon.

9-hole green fee and golf cart: from $170 per person

18-hole green fee and golf cart: from $270 per person


Choosing an island to visit in Tahiti is like going through your jewelry box to choose from a diamond, ruby, emerald or tanzanite!  As a Tahiti Tiare Specialist I can help you choose the right JEWEL for YOU!
I am thinking that MOOREA is the EMERALD!!!  A winner for every guest who is lucky enough to experience the dramatic sights of Moorea!
"Travel is not a luxury is a necessity! I would love to recommend a vacation for you that will exceed your expectations!"

Gayle Zielke, MCC, President
First Choice Travel and Cruise

Wedding Specialist
Tahiti Tiare Specialist, Fiji Matai and Hawaii Akamai Specialist
262-542-5955 / 800-896-4360

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