South & Central America

Whether you are a first time or repeat traveler to South or Central America, here is a wonderful planning guide to begin your journey.  


Colorful is the best word to describe the continent of South America, along with adventurous, mysterious, lively and exciting. From romantic Rio de Janeiro to the intriguing Amazon Jungle, and enigmatic Machu Picchu to the fascinating Galapagos Islands, you're sure to have a South American vacation like no other!

South America!
Choose from the romance-filled cities of Argentina, the dancing coast of Brazil, star-gazing deserts of Chile, wistful islands of Ecuador and reigning heights of Peru. The selection is endless, from multi-country combinations to individually selected cities. We have itineraries that were carefully designed by our South America experts locally into an exciting fusion of ancient, colonial and modern landmarks weaved in between sensational, natural landscapes!

  • Argentina: Impressive waterfalls, delicious wines, imposing Andes, pristine lakes, breathtaking glaciers, abundant wildlife.
  • Brazil: Endless Amazon jungle, wonderful beaches, permanent warmth, paradise birds, sparkling carnival...non stop samba!
  • Chile: Andean slopes, majestic volcanoes,driest desert of the world, star-gazing, ever-green forests, fantastic fjords.
  • Equador: Dramatic Archipelago, endemic species, highland provinces, colonial towns, Panama hats, the Middle of the World!
  •  Peru: Inca Kingdom, earthen citadels, splendid churches, floating islands, tropical-dry, ancient geoglyphs.

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Costa Rica and Panama are some of our most requested destinations in Central America.  The travel planners at First Choice Travel and Cruise have been visiting Costa Rica for over 2 decades.  There is so much to see and do in Costa Rica it is definitely a destination that requires a few visits to get the real feel for the country!




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