KAUAI is known as the "Garden Island" and there is a great reason for that.  The flowers are always beautiful here and there are so many different gardens and waterfalls you can visit.  You may need a boat or helicopter to get to some of these sites or else you will have a long walk to get to these hidden gems.  Lots of activities on the water, in the water and out of the water on Kauai. 


More activities  to Hawaii than beaches!



  • A quieter island lush with spectacular mountain peeks, cliffs, waterfalls and even the Fern Grotto awaits you. 
  • With so many different type of beaches to explore imagine all the options for water adventures you can join in on. 
  • A lot of the activities take place on the water on this Hawaiian island. 
  • Or take a helicopter tour here as this will be the only way to see some of these magnificant waterfalls and view of the gully. 
  • Kauai is my favorite island for helicopter viists ATV trail blazing is Kauai.
  • Many movies were filmed here like Jurasic Park, and once you visit and experience the island you will know why.
  • Mountain tubing where children 5 and older may participate in floating down the waterways and tunnels is a very popular activity.
  • Wailua River state park is best experienced from the water.  Visit Fern Grotto, the Opaeka'a Falls and Wailua falls.  Try Kyaking here with the pros.
  • It is all about the floral and fauna here. I visited a wonderful gardens here that were so amazing I have to go back and bring my sister who is a florist.  She would be in heaven!  It was a tropical paradise I still remember to this day!

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