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Bora Bora is the Pearl of French Polynesia!


Everyone has heard of BORA BORA!  They say "Bora Bora" is "The Pearl of the Pacific" and one of the most beautiful of the Polynesian Islands and on earth! It is hard to describe the beauty of this Island in Tahiti until you experience it yourself!!  Why wait to visit Paradise?  


Bora Bora is The Pearl of the Pacific!



Gayle Zielke is your Certified Tahiti Tiare Specialist


Gayle Zielke, Tahiti Tiare Specialist and president of First Choice Travel and Cruise has been to Bora Bora many, many times and says, "Every time I go to Tahiti and expecially Bora Bora, I still can't believe all the beautiful aqua blue colors and views are real!!".  "Bora Bora is indescribable and breathtaking!!  Even those beautiful brochures do not do justice to your first glimpse of Bora Bora.  The different shades of blue waters will really impress you. I think you should go see Bora Bora at least once in your lifetime.  I myself have plans to see it again and again!"  I want to go every year if I could! 


Swimming and snorkeling with the sharks and stingrays is a must do while in Tahiti!

Shark and Ray Feeding is a big thrill that you will love and be able to brag about when you return home.  The helmut dive is amazing!!! "I still cannot believe I did it and I wouldn't have missed it for the world", says Gayle Zielke, Tahiti Tiare of First Choice Travel and Cruise. 

You cannot miss a visit to Bloody Mary's restaurant owned by Americans with sand on the floor and tree trunks you sit on.  Listen to live ukulele music and pick out your own fresh seafood.

I like the snorkel with the stingrays and sharks sightseeing tour in Bora Bora best.  Snorkel with so many fish first before you get to the big boys!!


Ask me how YOU can actually swim and snorkel with the TURTLES!!! These little guys are so funny up close and personal!

Swim with the Turtles!

Bora Bora is probably my most requested destination when couples ask for Tahiti.  They really mean Bora Bora!  When you think of Tahiti you are imagining an overwater bungalow and the island of Bora Bora or Moorea. If you are going to Bora Bora you will really want to stay in an overwater bungalow.  Budget permitting of course. 

It is my job as Tahiti Tiare specialist to make this happen for you.  Even if you only stay in an overwater bungalow one or two nights you will still be able to experience it.  We can work out a great combination package and maybe custom an ISLAND HOP package just for your preferences.

If you could stay 7 or more nights in Bora Bora this would be the ideal Honeymoon, Anniversary or Celebration trip!  Ok to be honest the ULTIMATE vacation or celebration would be in Bora Bora in an overwater bungalow suite!! Or maybe throw in a couple of nights in Moorea and Tahaa too.  Imagine yourself relaxing in one of these beautiful suites and walking into the water to snorkel with the most beautiful fish imagineable! 

Bora Bora lives up to its reputation and magic of being  the most beautiful of the Polynesian islands.   With her ancient  volcano portraying its two peaks, Mounts Pahia and Otemanu, whose green colors stand out against the jade, turquoise and sapphire shades of the lagoon, you will be amazed at the views.  Keep your camera handy on the plane ride over and on your return.  In fact you will never want to put it down, even underwater!!!!

Love this 2 story family Villa in Bora Bora!

This may be a little large for the two of you unless you have your family with you!   Don't worry, we have something just right for the two of you.  Customed to YOUR preferences!


Looking for something to do in Bora Bora?  We have lots of ideas and suggestions to make your once in a lifetime trip to Paradise perfect!!!





Please let us know if you are thinking of visiting Bora Bora,  we would love to help you on your journey!





Choosing an island to visit in Tahiti is like going through your jewelry box to choose from a diamond, ruby, emerald, pearl or tanzanite!  As a Tahiti Tiare Specialist I can help you choose the right JEWEL for YOU!

I would say that Tahiti is the DIAMOND of the South Seas....even though Captain Cook said it was the PEARL! 



"Travel is not a luxury is a necessity! We would love to recommend a vacation for you that will exceed your expectations!"