Mothers, Daughters, Sisters and Girlfriend Trips are the best!

       Trips for Women


You may be interested in other ESCORTED TRIPS that you can invite your significant other or a friend.

Have you ever wanted to take some time away... with just the GIRLS?

Here are 5 great reasons to contact First Choice Travel and Cruise to book your next GIRL GETAWAY TRIP:  

  • Some Journeys are meant to be shared with your BFF'S or closest family members
  • Quality "one on one" time with your BFF, Mom, sister or daughter is priceless
  • Making memories you will all remember forever LOL
  • Travel with other women who like to shop, sightsee, dining and fun
  • Traveling in a group, is a great way to meet new people while experiencing an exciting new destination

Vacations just for the Girls!

She is your BEST FRIEND! She could be your mother, a sister or even two, your daughter, your cousin, your sister in law or really your best friend. I know you talk about spending some quality time with your mother, daughter, sisters or even your girlfriends from school, but do you really ever take the time to get away together?

**Make the time....while you can! Life goes by so quickly; you have to grab those chances!

Gather the girls and take a much needed and well earned BREAK from reality! Get a group of gals together to save $$$
Work on those Mother/Daughter/ relationships! When was the last time you laughed so hard, you cried?
Make some lasting memories that none of the girls will ever forget, you will be so glad you did!




Quote from a girlfriend! "Our friendship has lasted longer than my marriage! Love having you as a friend. GIRLFRIENDS are timeless!"

What would most of us do without our sisters, confidants and shopping, lunching, best friends and traveling girls? Let's celebrate each other with a girls only vacation!  

At First Choice Travel and Cruise all of us understand the situation and have made it easier for YOU! We work with an office full of women and really a lot of our clients are women too, so of course the gals at First Choice Travel and Cruise decided to specialize in trips just for women over 23 years ago. We all have a mother or mother in law, we are mothers ourselves so we understand how great it is to spend a little quality time with the girls!! Whether it is a cruise, a luxurious spa resort or a weekend getaway for theatre and shopping, we take extra care of women that travel alone or with a group. We know how important our vacations are to their sanity and well being.

Relax and enjoy yourself while traveling on our vacations designed exclusively just for women like YOU. Its easy, flexible and you an travel with a group or explore the area through an independent stay. Make your next vacation a special occasion with your mother, sisters, friends or come alone and join other like minded women to experience the unforgettable offerings we have put together for JUST THE GIRLS!!! 


First Choice Travel is always looking for women who want to travel along on one of our trips.  The usual Mother/Daughter/Sister trip can be a short trip to somewhere fun or exotic.  It is a diverse group of women of all ages that love to travel, sightsee and shop together.  The group is always changing just like our lives change.  Every year there are new people that join in the fun.  Each year someone asks a friend to join and it keeps growing.  It is a great way for women of all ages to enjoy themselves and get together with loved ones. The size of the group depends on the destinations that women just love.  One year it may be a cruise and the next year it could be Europe or a Spa Resort at an All-inclusive resort.  Everyone is invited to join us.  Sometimes we invite everyone....even the guys!



 Bring your mother, sister, best friend, cousin or grandma, and enjoy a special "girls week" together.  This trip is the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with the women you love the most.  This will also be the perfect Mother's Day or Christmas gift for any mother, wife, sister and even YOUR mother-in-law!

**Traveling in a group, is a great way to meet new people while experiencing an exciting new destination.  One misconception about group travel is that you have to stay with the group the whole time--NOT SO--unless you want to!  No worries there is plenty of time on your own to explore, shop and sightsee. 



Enjoy sheer delight while traveling on a Women Tour - vacations exclusively designed for women. You can travel with a group or explore the area through independent city stays. Make your next vacation a special occasion with your mother, sisters, friends or come alone and join other like minded women to experience the unforgettable offerings of these deluxe tours.



You do not have to travel in a group to have a great MOTHER / DAUGHTER vacation!

Invite your mother, sister or your daughters on a vacation to remember forever.  Ask your mother-in-law or that BFF girlfriend you haven't seen in years to go away for a weekend or even longer.  Your children grow up so quickly, try and get to know them a little more while you are away from home.  You don't always have to travel in a group (even though it is really fun with a lot of women travelers). Many of our clients enjoy their own private Mother/Daughter and sister trips too.  We have lots of ideas for you to start your own group or Girl Getaway!


Ask your parents to go along before they can't get around too easy anymore.  Maybe we won't be able to be moving as fast either.  Don't put it off, ask them all now!  You will be happy you did when you come home all refreshed and ready to go back to the real world!  WHAT IS WRONG WITH ESCAPING THE KIDS, THE HUSBAND AND YOUR JOB FOR A WEEKEND OR EVEN A WEEK?  Nothing, if you come back all happy and glad you went!



Check out the FUN these "Mother/Daughter/Sister/BFF" Girl Getaways had!