LADIES ONLY ON THESE FANTASTIC TRIPS!  See for yourself how fun they are: 


Mexico Vacation was a success for the Ladies!

Hi Pat,  I just wanted to share our Mexico experience with you! Our group of girls had so much fun. The RIU-Caribe was really nice, food was excellent, and great service. The beach was beautiful too. We loved our vacation, thank you so much for everything!!! The weather was sunny skies and warm the whole time.










Sister Cruise on Royal Caribbean

Our cruise was awesome!!!! Or cabin was tops. We had plenty of room for everything.

On Honduras we took a tour of the island and danced with some of the Mayan people. Loved it! Our excursion on Belize was canceled due to not enough signed up for the rafting. We shopped instead. On Costa Maya we toured the Mayan ruins and loved every minute of it. The site was beautiful. We had to walk through about 2 blocks thru a beautiful forest. No mosquitoes in sight. In Cozumel we went snorkeling and that was a new experience for me. I loved it. The water was clear and there were lots of fish on the reef. We saw a barracuda, a jellyfish, a stingray, a moray eel, and numerous other beautiful fish.

Our ship was smaller than the last time but our suite was awesome.  We had a double balcony and Sue fell asleep outside one night. I made an album on face book but don't know how to get them on your page. You can take what you want.

We had gold cards and got lots of special attention. That's for your help Gayle. We had an awesome time.

We drank every night and laughed until our bellies hurt more than a few times. Can't wait for the next one! Next time we will take our hubbies with us! At the end of the day we loved everything about the ship and our time on it!!!!!!!!



ARUBA Adult Only RIU Resort for these gals!

Hi Gayle~
2nd time around was great!  It really is a nice adults only - very quiet.
A couple of thoughts from my perspective:
- The grounds were just as nice, pool area and common areas.  The RIU does a great job of maintaining and cleaning.
- Not as impressed with the room this time around - issues with power outages in our bathroom, TV not working, little things like that
- Breakfast buffet and lunch were the same as last year (didn't eat any dinners on site)
- Nightly entertainment (only went to 1 show) still was a little lack luster, in comparison with others I have been to
Offsite restaurants - yes there are so many and I think we enjoyed them all!
Casa Tua - we LOVE it there (went twice because it's so yummy)
Bugaloe - amazing food on the pier
Fishes & More - great seafood on the strip
Gianni's Italian Restaurant - was OK - long wait 
Ruth's Chris Steakhouse - just as good as in the US

We didn't do any excursions or any other exploring.  We enjoyed long walks on the beach path and reading by the pool.  Was VERY windy (more than last year) so didn't spend much time near the sand.
Thanks for checking in!  Overall, we were pleased.....and already thinking about locations for next year! :)
Ann Marie







Our trip was AWESOME!  That kids club is spectacular!  They had things going on for the kids all the time.  It took a while for Casey to warm up to it (would have been better if there was another kid that she knew there to begin with).  Once she got to know some kids at the main pools who were going to do things there, then she wanted to go.  
Apparently they had some issues with the Pergola concrete breaking and falling, so they had some construction going on around the pools, but it was almost complete when we left.  They kept it to a small area so it didn't affect the comfort, and they worked mostly at night when nobody was at the pools. 
Yea, we got a lot of GREAT pictures......I think I posted the hilights though.  I just finished going through them last night!  It was a perfect place for us to stay.  I only managed to eat at one of the restaurants one night, as Casey preferred the ease of the buffet, but everyone raved about the restaurants and selection of food.  
Thanks so much for setting up another hassle-free vacation for us!  It was GREAT!
THANKS!  Marge




The ladies who went to ITALY on an escorted Globus Tour are back and absolutely loved their trip!

Take a peek at the wonderful comments and pictures from the GIRLS IN: ITALY!

OOPS! Some of the girls were caught red handed with gelato!


Sister trip in Alaska
Sisters had a ball in Alaska!
Tana, thanks for all of your help with our Alaska trip. Here is a photo of Sue and I in Ketchikan. It was a great sister trip!
Carol and Sue
Aruba for these girlfriends!
Hi Gayle,
Packer fams are in Aruba enjoying their time!
We had an amazing trip!  Aruba is definitely a great destination.  Different than Mexico.  Our weather was beautiful - I think it was in the 80's every day but the "feels like" temp was into the 90's.  The nice thing about Aruba is it is so windy, that it helps to take the edge off the heat :)  Also, very humid though!  That was different for us too.
Couple things we noticed - that may be worth while sharing in the future:
RIU - the resort was really nice.  Room we stayed in still felt very much like a Westin.  (Didn't feel very "tropical" if you know what I mean.)  Worked great for us, as we spent very little time in there.  It's a beautiful resort, the people/staff are wonderful and the grounds were really well maintained.  The drinks were super strong by the pool!
Food - the food was not that great on the resort.  We ate at the buffet every morning and did a couple of the specialty restaurants at night.  We ended up eating off the resort most of the time.  (Which then cost us above and beyond what we already paid.)
If we would ever do Aruba again......we would not do an all inclusive.  It's such a short walk to a town area that has so many different restaurants and shops that we would just eat out there every night.  There's little bars/restaurants that you could grab lunch at also along the beach.  We just felt the all inclusive wasn't really worth it for us.  We aren't huge drinkers and the food was not great.
Girls just want to have ARUBA!
Thanks for arranging everything!
Ann Marie and Angie
Dear Gayle, 
We are still talking about our trip!This Mother Daughter Europe trip was a chance of a lifetime!

Our tour guide Elena Bertola was outstanding and if you ever have the chance to pass that on to Globus, it would be really appreciated.  Also, I wanted to share that the hotels they picked were also great.  I got a little nervous initially since they had some bad reviews online.  The Albani in Rome was very nice.  The colors were a little outdated but the hotel caters to Americans and it gave us a chance to get used to European hotels (which are quite different from in the US) before heading onto Florence and Venice. 

We had such a great group of people on the trip and we made friends with another mother-daughter pair from Hawaii.  So, if you have anything going to Hawaii next year or a singles tour through Globus (for the other lady and me), we would like to know. 
 Make a wish at the TREVI FOUNTAIN!
At Trevi Fountain wishing to return to Rome!
Thanks again, Gayle, for all your outstanding help. I so do appreciate it.
Mary Karkow and mom!
Girl Friends in Cabo
The Riu Palace Cabo San Luca
Ann Marie and Angie had a great girl week away at the Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas!
Hi Gayle,
I just wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful time on our trip!!
Thank you so much for helping to plan a nice, relaxing girls week away.
Ann Marie
A MOTHER AND HER 3 DAUGHTERS...reconnect and have the CRUISE of their lives on Royal Caribbean's Navigator of the Seas!!!! Some were 1st time cruisers!

Hi Gayle,

 I thought I sent you an email a few days after we got home thanking you for all your hard work putting this trip together for us. We had a ball. Mom is still talking about it. She keeps saying "I know where I'd rather be". She loved the boat and the perfect weather.


On Cayman Island we took a 3 hour bus tour that took us to the turtle farm, porpoise show, made a 20 minute stop in hell, and another 20 minute stop at a winery and yes, we could have all the samples we wanted. After that the bus dropped us off at the 7 mile beach and we swam and sunbathed. We caught a city bus back to the dock for $2.00 each. When we reached Cozumel we went on a sea submarine to the coral reef. mom loved that too. Afterwards we just shopped as at that time we had no souviners (sp?) except postcards from hell and a spoon from Cayman Island. We all bought bottled beer and decided to just shop and go back to the boat to swim and tan.


 It was a perfect getaway. Thank you so much again!

We had lots of laughs and believe it or not we had no arguments. Our rooms were roomier than we expected. We all packed light. None of us had check in bags, just carry ons. Took 3 dressy tops, 2 dress pants, 1 capri, 2 tanks, 2 pair of short 2 swimsuits each and only 3 pairs of shoes each.


We shared jewelry and the curling iron. The only bad thing was I was the one elected to sleep on the top bunk because I weighed the least. They took a picture of me climbing up the ladder with my gown and no underwear on. We laughed so hard.



We went to all the formal dinners and most of the shows.

Thanks again and take care. 




PS--Note from Gayle Zielke, president of First Choice Travel
I read this email from Kathy and laughed so hard I was crying!!!  I have 2 sisters and we used to take our mom on cruises all the time!!  Sometimes our daughters joined us and our aunt stayed with mom too so reading this really brought back fond memories of years gone past!!!  You can never go back... so live NOW while you can!!!








We laughed tons...  it was more fun than I ever imagined."


I hope we do it again... !!!!!

Thanks Gayle...  

Sheri Nepal



Some Girls like a little ADVENTURE!
Hey Guys!
Just wanted to share Connie and I's ATV tour! We had so much fun!!!  It was wonderful trip and great to see u and the girls!
love ya
Check out some great pictures and more comments from the CABO Girls!

Mother and Daughter visit New Zealand and Tahiti by land and sea!

Hey Gayle
YES!  We did love it!  Completely.  It was quite an excursion - New Zealand was so beautiful (chilly - but still magnificent)

The cruise was also fantastic - the hospitality was really great.  And - this vessel was far more suited to our speed than a large, floating city type (which doesn't appeal to either mom or me).  The only negative on the trip was the Sofitel in Pa'peete.. the hotel was fine - but we found the staff somewhat inhospitable.   BUT - in the grand scheme of things - this was such a small problem that it did not impact our experience.  I only mention it if you are booking others in Tahiti.

Thanks - Gayle - for making this trip so great.  Not only was the location really terrific - the trip was well suited for mom and I to travel together.
Have a great day!
Holly Faith and her friend Michelle Haese left the husbands and kids at home. Judi said she would love love to do the Sex in the City tour after reading her review. I love the picture with the ABC Good Morning America Weather Man

OMG!! We had such a good time.  We checked in first thing and found out that we were upgraded to the Premier Tower, so we had to give up our own bed for free cocktails from 5 to 7 every night and a free breakfast.  The room was nice we had plenty of room for the two of us.  Next we walked up to the park and took a rickshaw tour of the park, got to see a lot more of the park than the carriage rides offer. (I.e. strawberry fields).  Then we walked down 5th Ave. and went into all the fancy stores.  Then we had tickets to Legally Blonde.  Loved it! 
On Saturday we went on a Sex and the City Hot spots tour.  Loved it!  We got to see so many parts of the city you normally don't get a chance to see b/c you are so busy doing the tourist thing.  We got to see the meatpacking district, SoHo, West Village and Union Square.  I loved the West Village the most.  I can totally see why so many celbs. live there.  There we also, a lot of high end designer stores we got to check out there too.  Then that night we went to the Mesa Grill for dinner, this is one of Bobby Flays restaurants.  It was kind of a disappointment, because the burned my steak beyond being somewhat edible. 
Sunday we did the downtown/battery park deal and went to Chinatown.  Got a couple of knock-offs.  It was so neat to actually experience the whole black-market.  First thing they do when you turn down Canal Street is ask you if you want a bag.  Then they take you to the back of the store and a women is standing there and opens up a secret passage way.  You are locked behind this door and half to walk up these creepy stairs.  Then you go into this room filled with bags.  You feel a lot better once you see all these other women in there too. 
Do you know who this is with Holly and Michelle? 
Monday morning we had to be at the ABC studios by 6:15 for GMA.  However, since the convention was starting on Monday, they didn't do too much with the audience.  We made it on during the 8:00 weather segment, I was on TV for about 1/2 a sec and my faced was blocked by Shelly's tall arm the whole time.  Sucks to be short.
Thanks for everything.  Looking forward to the next time.
Holly and her friend Michelle Haese
As a side note: We have many women that have been to New York on some of our mother/daughter/sister/girlfriend trips and they have all experienced the sought after COACH and other designer handbag adventures!  This is a blast! Always go with someone else.  Judi and Gayle from First Choice have been  there many, many times and always come back with a brand new suitcase filled with purses for christmas presents and of course we keep some too!


If you like to travel, sightsee, take in a spa now and then and of course LOVE SHOPPING contact our travel specialists and ask for Trips for Women at 262-542-5955!

See more pictures on our customer "show and tell" page.


Pictured below are a couple of our TRIPS FOR WOMEN!  Ages 1 1/2 to 80's.  New faces each time! A good time for women of all ages!



Plenty of MOTHERS, DAUGHTERS, SISTERS and FRIENDS on these great cruises!  If you don't like the water a LAND vacation will work for you too.  Try London and Paris for a week.  A wine tour and a few days in San Francisco with the girls will cure blues for sure!  

Pictured above is one of our Mother/Daughter/Sister group of 34 women on an escorted LAND trip to London and Paris.  We shopped, took in some shows, experienced the chunnel, the tube, the subway and did more sightseeing in this one week that anyone thought possible.  A week in London and Paris was a great experience for all of us.  We are all so happy we went.  I don't think anyone will ever forget this great trip, we are all still talking about it!!!  

A group to Punta Cana from grandma on down to all ages enjoy getting together with family and NEW friends!

Just some of the gals on our Canada and New England fall foilage cruise on Princess.



In October we had the pleasure of  traveling with 19 women on a wonderful trip to San Francisco and the Napa and Sonoma wine country.  It was fantastic!  Some new faces and some ...not so old friends joined in the fun.  Can't wait for next year!  Please join us on the next WOMEN trip!

Pictured above are a few of the ladies enjoying a cruise on San Francisco Bay!

Here are a few comments from the GIRLS when we asked them what they liked best about the trip:

Great planning, great job!

Very educational.  Learning all about the wine and sparkling wine.  I liked the hotels and winery's!

Learned alot!

Thanks for planning a great trip!

Loved tours, hotels great, fun women!!

All of it was just right, I was happy.

The beautiful women I now know and my roomie!

Thank you for a great time!  You did a beautiful job.  I could not have asked for a better "first trip with the ladies"!

Everything!  Relaxing and a fun group!

It was great!  Learning about wine, shopping, drinking, eating - great company!

Had a great time.  Its good to have girly trips!

Great job guys.  Fantastic getaway.  Had a blast!

I think this group of women were outstanding!  How does anyone keep 19 women so happy?  Congrats, well done!

Karen McCarthy from Antigo, WI was our great photographer in San Francisco and the wine country!!





Women cruises are so fun.  No driving, just relaxing!

Here are a few of the girls...Anna, Rose, Cathy, Cookie, Gayle and Joan celebrate at our favorite Aquarium Bar on the Voyager of the Seas!!  Just some of the 33 guests who traveled from Barcelona, Spain to Nice, France, Monaco, Monte Carlo, Florence, Rome, Sicily and Naples, Italy!!!  ALL IN ONE WEEK OF FUN WITH THE GIRLS!!!  Ok so we invited some really nice couples to join us this time.  It was a ball.  Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Girlfriends and even couples agreed it was a wonderful, amazing trip to share!!!


MOTHER/Daughter trip!!!!!!!!

Tana's clients just returned from the Brand New...GRAND SUNSET PRINCESS 

Cindy Ziegler Fritz and her Daughter Missy called Tana to let her know how awesome the GRAND SUNET PRINCESS Resort was.  They took a quick 5 night mother/daughter trip during Missy’s winter break and had nothing but wonderful things to say.  Loved it and can’t wait to go back!


Mother/Daughter/Graduation Present!

Merri and Cassi Quartullo bonding in the Riviera Maya






Merri Quartullo invited her daughter Cassi on a fun filled trip to the Riviera Maya.  Dad and Lexi stayed at home! The girls stayed at the Ocean Coral and Turquesa in Porto Morelas.



Cassi kisses a dolphin at XcaretSwimming with the dolphins, lounging by the pool, visiting Xcaret were some of the many exciting things this mother/daughter did on the trip.  Oh and besides meeting tons of new friends and relaxing!  What a way to bond with your daughter before she is off to college and new adventures.


Cassi said; "As far as my trip overall, Ii would say to definitely do the dolphin swim at Excaret and I loved the overall atmosphere of the hotel, there was always something going on so that you were never bored. Also I would say that the best place to eat in my hotel was the Japanese place so try to get into that asap if you stay there because it fills up fast! otherwise the food was amazing and everyone is very friendly and welcoming! Overall an amazing trip to take!


Cassi lounging at Xcaret before the big swim with dolphins



Hawaii Mother Daughter trips are amazing!

Hi Gayle!!!!

We had the best time!  Everything was so wonderful.  Thank you so much for the birthday/Mother's Day gift basket.  It was so thoughtful of you and a really nice surprise.  I loved the hotel, everyone was so kind and willing to go the extra mile for us.  It was clean and convenient.
We did everything - luau, surfing, Hana, Haleakala, snorkeling, and lots of beach time.  I already got Tim to promise to go back with me, I'm hoping next year.  It was a really great trip to be on with my daughter and I think it would be that much more wonderful with Tim.  He always said that there was no way he'd ever go to Hawaii because there are tropical places to vacation that are much closer, but this was so different than all the other warm weather places we've traveled to and well worth the travel time.  
Thanks again.  It was such precious time to have with my daughter who is almost 16 years and entering her junior year in high school.  There just isn't a price for the time we shared.
Talk with you soon,
Julie Goggins
P.S.  The boys came home safely but their trip definitely paled in comparison to ours.

Aren't you ready for a little ...GIRLS ONLY...time?

CALL today for more information on these or other TRIPS FOR WOMEN!!
262-542-5955 or email 

Sisters are there, no matter how much time and how many miles are between you.  A girlfriend is never farther away than needing her can reach.  When you have to walk that lonesome valley and you have to walk it by yourself, the women in your life will be on the valley's rim, cheering you on, praying for you, pulling for you, intervening on your behalf, and waiting with open arms at the valley's end.  Sometimes, they will even break the rules and walk beside you.  Or come in and carry you out.  Girlfriends, daughters, granddaughters, daughters-in-law, sisters, sisters-in-law, Mothers, Grandmothers, aunties, nieces, cousins, and extended family, all bless our life!

The world wouldn't be the same without women, and neither would I!!!

Click here if you are: 



Some women prefer to travel alone and seek adventure wherever they go.  I think that is a great idea and we are happy to make your dreams come true.  One of our favorite ladies that looks for adventure when she is traveling is Diane Brown and she was nice enough to share with us her travels. Can you believe she has been to the ANTARCTIC?  She made lots of new friends here.  Some are dressed to the nines! Here is what Diane has to share with us on some of her travels.

Yes, after a week of trying to rest and get back into real life, here I am.

First of all, you really must look into Lindblad Expeditions for your travel choices.  Some people might find them very rewarding.  BUT you must remember they are not cruises....but expeditions connected with the National Geographic Society.
People will be disappointed if they are expecting a "cruise."  Lindblad remembers everything from soup to nuts and leaves nothing to chance.  It was the most organized and well planned trip I have ever been on.
All staff and people and guests were outstanding.
Diane Brown

PS-Diane is calling herself the PENQUIN LADY now!!!

I think that Diane found her ADVENTURE TRIP of a lifetime! 

e would love to help you find your own.  Women do not have to travel in large groups all the time to have a good time.  TELL US WHAT YOUR idea of an ADVENTURE or a great vacation is all about and we will be happy to help you plan it!

"Travel is not a luxury is a necessity! We would love to recommend a vacation that will exceed your expectations!"