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With over 30 years of motivation and experience working with couples, brides, grooms guests and families, we know how to help you with any issues that may arise.  Guess what, things do happen, a crisis can come up when you least expect it and we are here for you when they do!  Don't gamble with your vacation memories!

Our Brides, grooms and even their families don’t stop traveling with us when the wedding or vacation is done.  We build relationships that last a lifetime but don't take our word for it, go peek at all of the wedding, destinations and travel testimonials we have on our website.  Our past clients tell the best story about us! 

You may ask why First Choice Travel and Cruise agents go through all the bother to get certified in the many destinations we specialize in. If you were planning the vacation of your lifetime, or perhaps your honeymoon, and you wanted to go to an exotic island destination, wouldn’t YOU want your travel agent to have been there first? You would feel more confident with an agency where someone has visited the hotels, knows how to get around, where to get a decent meal, and knows the best sightseeing options first-hand. We will also tell you what we didn’t like or if we think the hotel or destination might not be right for you.


Here are some of the top reasons to use the services of a vacation planning specialist:

1) Because your time is valuable and it takes a lot of time to plan a vacation that you are not familiar with.

2) As a vacation planning specialist I do all the work while you concentrate on enjoying your upcoming vacation.

3) I will research your trip, make recommendations, book your resort and cruise accommodations and watch for changes and everything in between.

4) Offering upgrades, recommending sightseeing and shore excursions and travel insurance too.

5) Expert advice. As certified specialists we know the best places to stay, eat, what to see and what not to miss.

6) Itinerary Planning. A custom guide for your vacation so you can spend your time having fun!

7) Discount Monitoring. I am notified of price drops or specials offer and pass those on to you.

8) Value added benefits. Are you celebrating something special? I can help make those arrangements special!

9) Time Saver. You don't spend tons of time bargain hunting and planning - I do it for you!

10) Customer Service. I will handle your family's vacation as if it was mine. I will do everything possible to meet your travel needs - go that extra mile!

Why wouldn't you hire a First Choice Travel and Cruise Travel Expert?

  • It won't cost you more to hire a great experienced Travel Professional who works on vacations every day!  The value of our professional services and your hard earned vacation is priceless!
  • Why waste your time when we can use our experience and knowledge to get it RIGHT the first time!
  • When there is a problem that comes up, don't you want someone to help you?

    "Hi Mary,  I am not surprised to hear you are the Manager, you do a great job managing. I would be happy to have you post my email comments, I could not agree more with the “why” to use a Travel Agent. We would not do it any other way, as you know I have recommended many people to you for that very reason."

    "Thank you also for going above and beyond to send us information on how to file the insurance claim and for adding  the news feed, you could not have done more to accommodate us. We are extremely thankful for your efforts!!!  Judy

Our past clients tell the best story about us! 
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