Tuscany Women's Trip - Mother,Daughters and Girlfriends

First Choice Travel's Italy private small group of ladies - Mothers/daughters and girlfriends all said they loved our trip to Tuscany!  

Wonderful bonding experience for mothers, daughters and girlfriends!

The food was amazing!  The views were outstanding and the wine was....Italian and YUMMY!

The cooking lesson was one of our favorite experiences, the views are almost like paintings and the medieval towns are really amazing and so well preserved.

Ann Marie had a great time in Tuscany.  Here are some of her fond memories:  
There was a magical fun lunch that lasted 3 1/2 hrs...6 bottles of wine amongst 7 ladies... such a cool place to be ... it’s Michelin rated and the owners were great...CHERYL HUNTER gives it a 10 out of 10 in my travel guide book soon to be sold on AMAZON! 

Spent our last day touring the grounds and enjoying the beautiful flowers, and scenery of this fabulous estate.  Interesting afternoon, as our guide showed us how they made all the soaps and lotions for our estate. They are all organic and make everything themselves. Very impressive.
Another interesting day. Love the wild poppies everywhere. Another wine tasting, yummy lunch. I had gnocchi 😋. A little stop in Lucca and then off to Pisa....stopped at Lucca for olive oil tasting and wine tasting...  Ended up with a little PJ party in suite. So much fun!!!!!