Royalton Punta Cana 



Hello Gesica! It was truly AMAZING! Things went more perfect than we ever could have imagined.
Everyone LOVED the resort, the staff were absolutely amazing, entertaining and they would remember us from day to day, what we liked to drink, where we would hang out, etc. The day of the wedding started with a little sprinkle in the morning (which of course you know I would freaking out about!), but it cleared in about a minute and a half and we got a double rainbow the morning of the wedding!!! Oddly enough, my dad pointed out that my sister had a double rainbow on her wedding day as well!! The wedding coordinator was 3 steps ahead of me on everything, for example, morning of the wedding, ran down to Duane at the pool and was like "AHHH! I forgot to do the playlist!! Please help!!" Went to talk to the WC and she goes, "Oh, I already downloaded them for you and they're hooked up to the soundsystem, you didn't have to do any of that!"
We did a private catamaran the next day to Cabeza del Toro with about 21 of us and was super super fun!
Thank you for all your help! Hope you enjoy the pics from our wonderful day!!
Love, The Basterash's
Congrats on your wedding Tony and Briana! 
Another happy wedding couple! Great job Tana!!!
Now Onyx Punta Cana


Ocean Blue and Sand was the location for this and many more Weddings!


Becky and Ryan Jaskowiak's wedding at Ocean Blue and Sand in Punta Cana! It was amazing!

Becky's real Wedding!

Becky and Ryan's receptionThe whole wedding group at Ocean Blue


 The Gallo and Matter Wedding party at the beautiful Ocean Blue in Punta Cana!!
Matter Wedding was outstanding!

Everything was wonderful! 
We did do a couple excursions when we were there.  We went horseback riding and went
zip-lining in the mountains.  That was a really neat experience because we were able to see the Dominican culture.  We saw how coffee and coco was made.  Lots of banana trees. 

As for the wedding, everything was just magical.  Andy and I can't even describe the moment.  Priceless.  Julissa, the wedding coordinator, was constantly running around the resort planning various weddings.  She is very hard working.  She was very accommodating to whatever we wanted for our special day.   Everything was perfect.  I would not have done it any other way.   Thank you so much for coordinating everything for our party.  It was awesome!!!!

Kristin and Andy Matter


Guests at the wedding had a ball too!

The whole group together!

 Another Ocean Blue Punta Cana Wedding


Ryan and I cannot thank you both enough for all your help before,
during, and after our wedding.  It was truly an amazing, dream-come-true
for us and it wouldn't have happened without your help!  All the extra
little touches made everything super special, and we sure felt like
royalty while we were down there.  Not to mention, all our family and
friends had a terrific experience as well. Ocean Blue and your
destination wedding department will be getting rave reviews from us :)

Thanks again for everything and God bless!

Jenni & Ryan Hellpap


Check out this great looking group attending the wedding for MARK BREU AND NICOLE POTH WEDDING at the Grand Palladium in beautiful PUNTA CANA!!!!  What a wonderful group to work with too!


Hi there Gayle!!! 

We had the best time!!!!! We would go back to Punta Cana in a heart beat! The weather was perfect. It rained one day for 10 min it was a drizzle. We actually just sat in the rain. It was awesome!

The resort was absolutely beautiful! It was a little village. I think I lost 5 pounds with all the walking we did. Mark didn't care for the food. Believe me he did not go hungry.  ( It was his first time out of the country). I liked the food, I thought it was very good. The biggest variety I have seen at a resort. I can't believe how much there was to choose from. The buffets, the sit down restaurants. The drinks, it was wonderful.

The beaches and the water were amazing......I can't believe how clear the water was and how white the sand was. The pools were very nice as well. We did spend most of our time on the beach! They were amazing!

The staff was friendly, but not as friendly as I have experienced in Mexico. Don't get me wrong we had our favorite bar tenders. Freddie and Santana were our buddies!!!!!

The Europeans ( that was the majority of the guests) they are extremely rude. We had a big enough group to get around them. All of my guests were happy. The biggest complaint is our bed was so hard.....but hey how often are you really in the room!

The wedding.....oh my gosh!!!!! I could not of asked for anything better. We had the best day. We woke up had a nice breakfast, had a couples massage, then we met under the beautiful cazebo then we had a wonderful photographer and made a beautiful album for us. We also received a cd with all the pics that the photographer took. Carolina ( wedding coordinator) made sure the day was perfect. Anything we needed she made sure we were taken care of! The wedding dinner was very fun. We had a nice wedding cake the staff was very fun. They made up some tables and they were decorated very nicely. We had the best day. I can not say that enough!!!!!

The week was wonderful!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for everything that you did to make our day the best ever!!!!!!

Mark and Nicky Breu   

As you can see even though the whole group was there you can see there is plenty of time for ROMANCE on the Beach too!

Mark and Nicky Breu


Sarah and Justin get married at the Excellence Resort in Punta Cana

Sarah and Justin got married! 


Hi ..

I just wanted to touch base and let you know that our wedding was ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING!  We had all of our paperwork translated and ready to go and upon arrival, we selected everything, including the 5 course meal we had for the 14 of us.  It was a really warm wedding day, and every day after that...of course...but it showered maybe 3 times on the trip.  Good thing we did not have that tropical storm hit us like it did earlier this week!

The people were friendly, service was great, facilities were excellent.  All of the family had a blast.  The only complaint we have is that everything there is a "bit slower" than here.  So if they say "right away" or "in 15 minutes," that means it will be about an hour! ;( Once we knew to expect that regularly, we managed! :)

I attached a picture of all 14 of us and one of Justin and I.  The pictures are stunning and the photographer was great!

Thanks so much!

Sarah Reedy


Sarah and JustinThe whole group enjoyed the wedding!


We agree that this beach wedding looks like a DREAM COME TRUE! 



Please notice how romantic and beautiful all our Brides, Grooms and guests are!!!  It doesn't matter which location you pick to make YOUR DREAM WEDDING a reality!!!






Kelly and Dan


From our Bride


Hi Gayle!

Everything was absolutely wonderful. I was blown away by the resort (the pictures on the website just do not do it justice!  Everyone kept asking me how I chose it and complimenting me on my nice choice. I said I had nothing to do with it and that you said this is the best place to go! I don't have pictures from my photographer yet but will be sure to send you some when I do. You can also hopefully use them for future brides to have more of an idea of what the resort looks like. I can't wait to get them!



From the mother of the bride  EXCELLENCE WEDDING

Heidi and Kelly (mom and daughter enjoy the ride)

Dan Sturgill and Kelly Miller Wedding



Hi Gayle

The wedding planner was amazing and did a great job for Kelly!  The resort was more than we expected!  Pictures will be forthcoming, as Kelly won’t have them all until after her reaffirmation on the 17th.  I’ll let her know you would like to see them, and her photographer did an AMAZING job so far! 

 Didn’t really have time for excursions, but kelly & dan stayed 2 extra days and did the zip slide and loved it.  Most excursions are a day long as travel to and from takes a number of hours as excellence is the furthest pick up point so you  are on the shuttle the longest.  Another did the dolphin and loved it but once again said it consumed the entire day … wished it would get done in ½ a day.  Some food was great, others just ok.  Liked not having to make reservations … just show up.  Large breakfast buffet at Toscano was great each morning. 

Staff was SUPERIOR!  Answers were ALWAYS “YES”.  Every time you met staff walking around you met a smile and “ola” in a genuine way … made you smile.  Chuck & Ashley did a lot of the activities on the beach, Steph & Todd enjoyed the swimup bar, Charlie’s 88 year old mom & sister were pampered by staff on the beach while in their swimsuits under umbrellas.  Drinks were great, shows ok (except Michael Jackson was really good).  Rained the entire day of the wedding but cleared up just in time to do the horsedrawn carriage ride … too iffy to do right on the beach so was under the white gazebo … a little bummer, but then were able to take pictures on the beach after.  The next day did a trash the dress and I think those pictures will turn out spectacular too! 

Thanks so much Gayle for the suggestion.  Loved the place!  Only negative is the travel … takes an entire day to get there and one to get back …. So a 5 night stay is really 4 days, not 6.  If you have any other questions, let us know! 

Take care and thanks so much again Gayle!




Guest of the Excellence Resort Punta Cana wedding



The trip was amazing!  Thanks for all of your hard work and planning that you did for us.  It went off without a hitch.  We stayed at the resort the entire time and just loved the 'Excellence' resort. 

Thanks again,






Julie and Tim loved their EXCELLENT WEDDING!


Hey Gayle!  Its really taking me a couple days to get back in the swing of things...I will fill you in and send you pictures soon:) 


But for now know it could not have been anymore perfect!!!!  Very happy bride here!!  Will talk to you soon!

~Julie Dietz (hehe)

Jump for joy after this Excellent wedding ceremony!

Hi Gayle, Honestly the whole trip was a dream! I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day!!!! Thank you so much for recommending the Excellence, they really have putting together a wedding down! I wrote a review on Trip advisor. It's the "attention all Brides" one. I will call you sometime this week after work to give you more details;)  Julie


More great pictures of this EXCELLENT WEDDING by Tim and Julie Dietz!



To: Pat Weber

Amanda Meade and Joe Caracci got married at the Riu Palace Macao in Punta Cana


hello honey!!!
everything was absolutly wonderful, a dream come true, thank you so much for helping us make it happen, now we just have our reception friday and i think things will die down a bit. Just and figured id show you some pictures, i wish we would have getten more ill talk to u later!


 Jenna Bower and Charles Hecht were married at Dreams Punta Cana....


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