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The trip was AWESOME – Disney never disappoints!  Our itinerary was changed due to rough seas, and we were at first disappointed, but after the first night and feeling the rough seas, we were very glad that Disney made that decision!  And who can complain about a second stop at Disney’s private Castaway Cay Island! 

Casey had a blast – we saw the new Frozen Musical, and we also got to see a premier showing of “A Wrinkle in Time” before the release in the theaters!  (in addition to two other live shows and two other movies)

There were so many great pictures – I pre-bought the all-digital package, so I got over 350 professional pictures that the Disney photographers took!  I will take a stab at narrowing it down to a few great ones!

It was awesome to be with friends in the next room – with our shared balcony!  We often had room service for breakfast on our private balcony, or took a short break on our balcony in between the constant activities that Disney has available!


I know that I have talked to many other people who complain that Disney is so much more expensive (than other cruises) – but I always remind them that the Disney service is first class, all the way, for everyone on the cruise, and that the shows are top of the line Broadway quality.  You get what you pay for! 

I think that everyone deserves to experience the Magic of Disney!  And the cruise is so much easier than the Theme Parks!  With all of the benefits (minus the rides). 



I'm glad you emailed...I planned to get in touch with you!! 

So it was absolutely wonderful!!!!! Not one problem and everything was smooth and easy. We hit the parks hard and had a blast. The fast passes were a life saver. The meal plan was plenty and we even ended up with 2 quick meals and 3 snacks left on our last morning so we grabbed those at our hotel and shared among the 4 of us for a quick breakfast before heading to the airport for the car. The weather was insanely hot (as we knew it would be) but it was still hard to prep ourselves for that. 96 with 100% humidity and hot park asphalt put us at 105/110. We would leave our room fresh in the morning and within 2 minutes soak through our shirts! Makes for a long 12 hour day.

f we would ever stay at that resort again, we would totally choose a room that is closer to the main hall (our room was the farthest walking distance from the busses and the main hall). But it was cute and the girls enjoyed the theme. They were sooooo good each day despite the heat...they just loved everything! They got lots of autographs and the princess meal our first night was amazing!! They were so cute dolled up and they couldn't have been more excited for each princess. Tons of memories made!!

St. Petersburg was fantastic!! It was great to know if we pushed hard at all the parks we could sit and relax on the beach for 2 days...and we did. I attached a picture of the sunset from our balcony (I zoomed a bit since we went with a partial ocean view...but it was perfect). The girls loved the waves and shells and white sand...as did we all!​​

Thank you for everything!!!

The trip was seriously magical.  Everyone had a wonderful time.  Thank you for everything you did for us!  Attached are a few of my favorite pictures!

All of our rooms were ready upon our arrival.  We were shocked that they were all next to each other (327, 328, 329) and two were adjoining.  All because of you :)  The disability access pass was great for Devin, it really helped not standing in line.  The longest we stood in line without using it was about an hour and that was awful LOL :)

My sisters are really looking forward to Cancun...137 more days!  If you have any shopping or restaurant suggestions, we would love to hear about them.

Again, on behalf of our entire family, thank YOU for helping plan this trip.  It was so special <3

Thanks again

Trinity, Felicity and Kynzi got all dressed up in their finest Princess outfits for a memorable 7th birthday dinner for Felicity. 

Every child's dream is to hug Donald Duck, looks like mom's dream came true along with the girls!  This picture was taken on the private island on the Disney Cruise.  Gesica, Felicity and Trinity from Burlington said it was the best time ever and they were glad to be there with all their family on vacation!!!  

 The 3 night Disney Cruise stopped in Nassau, Bahamas and the family visited the Atlantis while there.  Everyone loved the beach but said to watch out for the undertow for the small children.  It would be a body surfing paradise for some of the adults though!  Great sand to play in and a beautiful aqua ocean to admire!

We had so much fun on the cruise - the kids talk about it constantly. 

Natalie misses the beach and Joshua misses Mickey.  The weather was fabulous and best of all we missed the snowstorm of the decade.  I've included a small sample of pictures - I took over 300!  I can't believe the detail to service on the cruise.  The kids didn't do the Oceaneer's Club very much as they loved the pool and just walking around looking at everything.  I loved our servers and they were very good to the kids. 

We talked to so many people both on our cruise and other cruises at the ports and everyone claims no one does it like Disney.  I don't have anything to compare to since this was our first cruise but I have to say I was very impressed.  I am glad we did the room with the verandah as that was well worth the extra money.  It also made the room feel so much larger.  The kids couldn't wait to get back to the room after the show to see what character the towels would be on the bed!  The food was fabulous and I think we all gained 5 lbs. and the entertainment was incredible.  Thank you for the autograph books as we carried them with us constantly to get the autographs of the characters.  We got to see everyone and some of them several times.  Wait times weren't that bad - usually about 15-20 minutes except for the Princesses - that was over an hour.  I just can't say enough about the cruise - it was unforgettable. 

Thank you so much for walking us through our very first cruise and we are so glad we did the Disney one.


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