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Celiac Travel


Traveling with special dietary needs can be exhausting with all the extra planning, but it doesn’t have to be, let us help advocate for you.

Food allergies, Celiac disease, Crohn’s ….we understand the importance of having a safe destination to eat. We advocate your needs to our hotel/cruise operators through countless emails and phone conversations. We even test out destinations with our own Celiac staff.

Traveling with language cards is extremely helpful for special dietary needs and greatly reduces the chance for miscommunication with language barriers. There are 63 different languages these cards are available in for Celiac Disease. This would also be extremely helpful for food allergies and they are available online.  I usually recommend printing out at least 5 per language as needed when traveling and keep a copy in your phone for easy access. (Sometimes the waiter doesn’t bring them back.)

It’s important to always have a backup meal.  Always pack safe snacks and backup meals in your carry on bag. Having shelf stable food available until you reach your final destination is important. If you plan on leaving the hotel/cruise property, always make sure you take something to eat with you. Even if the tour operator sets up a meal, they may forget the meal, or if you don’t feel comfortable with the meal, you won’t be hungry. I usually bring protein bars and dry powder protein in a small shaker cup that I can just add water.

Life is not always a picnic with Celiac/ food allergies, literally, but don’t let that hold you back from exploring the world!!

Ginger Logan
Celiac Travel Advocate 
First Choice Travel and Cruise



We know from first hand experience that traveling with any kind of dietary allery or disease can be daunting.  We want you to feel comfortable speaking to us about this so we can pass on the instructions to the correct person on your vacation!  Gayle, Gesica and Ginger.

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