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Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora Activities and ...

There are so many different activities to choose from in Tahiti!

Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora and other Tahitian Islands
WHAT IS THERE TO DO IN PARADISE?  Plenty of exciting options to choose from on the water, in the water, on land and more....
**Please remember these prices for tours are approximate and subject to change along with the currency exchange!


Fire Dancers are exciting! 


Full Day Tahiti Circle Island Tour - $106 pp

Full day Tahiti Circle Island Tour includes entrance fee to Museum Gauguin, and Buffet Lunch at the Restaurant Gauguin.




 The Paul Gauguin restaurant was right out of the 50's!

The Gauguin Restaurant reminds me of a cool looking authentic restaurant you would see in the old movies from the 50's and 60's.  Very unique.  Feed the fish here after you dine and watch them grab any leftovers you have!



Check out the sights downtown Papeete and Le Marché (market)


Downtown Papeete and Le Marché

Visit downtown Papeete and Le Marché, a colorful and exciting marketplace to experience a taste of Tahiti’s culture and people. Here you can shop for pareos, handicrafts, sea shell jewelry, souvenirs and black pearls or browse boutiques.

This is probably your BEST bet for any souvenir shopping in Tahiti of all the islands!!!

 The Pearl Market is where you want to buy your Black Pearls!

 Ask me about a nicer small shopping center for another great shopping option!



Les Roulottes are so fun and lots of choices to enjoy!

Les Roulottes

Each night after sunset, you can enjoy a variety of inexpensive, fresh and well-prepared dishes in an informal, lively atmosphere at Papeete’s famous restaurants on wheels along the waterfront. A favorite among locals and visitors, Les Roulottes offer a wide selection of tasty dining, such as BBQ steaks, poisson cru, shish-kebab, pizza, fish and chips, Chinese food, crêpes and much more -- the choice is yours!  This was fun and the food is great so if you want to experience a bit of Tahiti before you go on to Moorea or Bora Bora, try the Les Roulottes and then take the Le Truck home to your hotel.  Besides being totally fun and different, the meals are pretty inexpensive compared to the hotels and resorts in the area.  Try it.


Circle Island Tour w/Belvedere Tour - $50pp

The Circle Island tour is a great way to see the countryside

Today includes a 4 hour circle island tour of Moorea.  You will travel around the island of Moorea, stopping at points of interest such as the Belvedere lookout and the ancient Polynesian temple Marae of Tetiroa. Your guide will entertain you with stories of the island's culture and history.  Make sure to bring along your camera to capture the spectacular views of Moorea's mountains, valleys, lagoons and bays. A 15 minute stop at a Black Pearl Shop is included. Tour includes pickup and dropoff at your hotel.
Meals: No Meals are included



4WD Safari Excursion AM Tour - $55 pp  (sometimes goes on sale 2 or 1)

The 4 Wheel Drive Jeep trip is the most popular way to see the island!

Discover the beautiful volcanic island, its tropical flora and aquatic fauna on a 4x4 tour. Your guide takes you to the pineapple fields, vanilla groves and much more... Enjoy the breathtaking view from the Belvedere high lookout point and pay a visit to the archaeological sites and temples. Stories and legends of ancient Eimeo will be narrated to you on the way. The stop at the fruit juice plant and distillery is the opportunity to sample our local liqueurs and fruit juices. Also included is a visit to a spectacular waterfall within walking distance and a 15 minute stop at a Black Pearl Shop. Tour includes pickup and dropoff at your hotel. Don't forget your camera! Insect repellent is recommended.
Meals: No Meals are included


ATV Safari Excursion Tour - $100 per person   

Please ask Gayle or Sara for todays prices for any of these packages.  

ATV trips are so much fun when you are in Paradise!


Good news –  This popular exciting (Moorea only) is offering an ATV Fun tour  



Let us take you on a 3 hour journey through Moorea's most beautiful scenery.

Free pick up to and from your hotel is provided, 7 days a week.

Departure times are at 9 A.M. and 1H30 P.M.

*3 hour Discovery (rate per quad, max 2 people per ATV)

Approx. $164 (rates always subject to change, we will check for exact rate) 


TIKI VILLAGE | Tiki Theater  - $60 pp  Ask for todays prices$

The Tiki Village and show in Moorea is an exciting visit not to be missed!


The great Tiki Theater Tahitian revue with or without dinner" (A spectacular show of Tahitian dance and legend performed by a large number of Tiki Village artists against a natural lush green backdrop.) The show starts at 8:45pm. Please make sure to add the r/t transfers to the show price and add a note that transfers are included.
Meals: No Meals are included in this package

TIKI VILLAGE SHOW WITH buffet dinner $134pp

Its like a Luau





Moana Lagoon Exc w/Picnic  - $94 pp

Today's activities include a Moana Lagoon Excursion with picnic. This 6 hour tour by covered catamaran visits Cooks and Opunohu Bay. Explore Moorea's spectacular marine life, incl. shark and ray feedings. There will be time for snorkeling and shelling and a pareo tying demonstration on the Motu. Enjoy a Polynesian BBQ for lunch, accompanied by fresh fruits and drinks. Tour includes pickup and drop off at your hotel.
Meals: lunch


MOOREA | Romantic Sunset Cruise - $93pp

Romantic Sailing Sunset Cruise with Cocktail.
Meals: No Meals are included



Visit the dolphins, swim with them and learn all about Dolphins!

THE DOLPHIN STARS: Hina, Lokahi, Aito, and Kuokoa welcome you to the Moorea Dolphin Center.

Moorea Dolphin Center features both educational and environmental activities offering visitors the unique opportunity to interact with dolphins as well as learning more about the Polynesian fragile lagoon environment.  All of their programs have been carefully developed with the help and expertise of specialists - biologists and vets - in order to protect the quality of life of our four dolphins. 





You can even kiss the dolphins!



MOOREA DOLPHIN CENTER | Dolphin Experience - $299PP

How many pounds of fish can a dolphin eat? Who are these mammals so close to us by their intelligence? Do they understand us? How do they breathe? Trainers will tell you all you've ever wanted to know about the Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins anatomy, behaviour and habits. Equipped with a life vest and a mask you will then take the relationship one step further by joining your new friends in their element. Their impressive jumps and flips are fascinating to observe. Dolphins are great acrobats and water ballet dancers. These mischievous and teasing mammals like to play tricks on their visitors...but all is soon forgotten...time for a (wet) kiss! This dolphin encounter combines elements of hands-on contact, education, fun, laughter and adventure. Meet these amazing dolphins and enjoy their grace and agility.  A professional  hotographer is present during each session. Cameras and videos are not authorized in water during the interaction with the dolphins, in order not to disturb the animals.
Meals: No Meals are included


MOOREA DOLPHIN CENTER|Special Romance Package - $322PP

Induldge yourselves in an unforgettable encounter with these great romantic sea creatures, the Atlantic bottlenose dolphin. The softness of their skin, their craving for strokes and kisses and their playfulness are not the least of their charming assets. Let yourself be charmed by their clowning, they really love to be watched and admired. Group sizes being kept to 2 couples, meeting with these engaging mammals is to remain both special and intimate.     Amaze your friends and add up to your wedding album a unique picture of you and a dolphin. On arrival you will be offered scented flower crowns and refreshing drinking coconuts.
Meals: No Meals are included

 Bora Bora

Swim with the Sharks and Rays in Paradise!

A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity - Very Popular



Shark & Ray Feeding
You’ll be provided with snorkeling gear and taken to the outer reef by outrigger canoe or speedboat. Watch from the water – or the boat if you prefer – as the Tahitian divers hand feed blacktip reef sharks. Next, visit a sandy-bottomed location where your guide will coax friendly rays to play among you. ***You can also watch and take pictures from the boat or join in the fun.  

Daily.   $92.00 per person




4WD Safari
You’ll tour places only accessible via 4WD. Enjoy great views of Bora Bora’s natural harbor and Matira Beach from Pahonu Hill, then ascend further and visit the seven-inch cannons still in their original World War II locations. The highlight of the trip is the view of Faanui Bay from a traditional plantation high up in the mountains. You’ll learn both the history and the island way of life on this tour. Daily except Sunday. $80.00 per person

Another Once in a Lifetime Opportunity - Very Popular
Aqua Safaris are a highlight in Tahiti

Aqua Safari Bora Bora -- Helmet Dive
Wear a wetsuit and a yellow diving helmet for a spectacular experience walking in Bora Bora's spectacular lagoon. No diving experience is required, and you don’t even need to know how to swim to discover this exciting new world. Your head remains dry inside the helmet, and you remain in complete safety just a few feet below the surface. A taxi boat will pick you up from the dock of your hotel and will take you to a comfortable, motorized catamaran where your instructor will explain the basic safety measures and diving signs. Plastic shoes, wetsuit, mask and snorkel are available as there will be time for snorkeling while others are taking their underwater walk (group size is limited). Daily except Sunday. $98.00 per person




"This Helmut Dive was the most exciting tour I have ever done in my whole life",  Gayle Zielke, your Tahiti Tiare!  "Felt like a cross between being an astronaut and scuba diver without the big tanks on your back!  It won't be this crystal clear... or more up close and personal anywhere else!"









A visit to Bloody Mary's is a must in Bora Bora!


Bloody Mary's Restaurant
Dig your feet in the sand as you dine at legendary Bloody Mary's Restaurant.   $100 per person


Jet Skiing
Explore the beautiful lagoon surrounding Bora Bora at leisure on your jet ski. Enjoy a guided circle island tour. Available at many resorts -- ask for details. $150 per person or 2 hour tour from $250 per person


***Please note:  Prices are approximate. Ask for today’s price for the Tahiti excursions you have chosen.  Because the exchange rate fluctuates the prices change a little bit too.


Contact your Tahiti Tiare Specialists Gayle Zielke,  /

 262-542-5955 / 800-896-4360 for more ideas on sightseeing tour options for the South Pacific and Tahitian Islands!