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1. The US dollar is used all over these islands so it is NOT really necessary to exchange any money. 
2. Bring small bills like $1 dollars, $5 and $20's for any small purchases, tips, snacks, etc.  Small bills are great to have so you do not get change back in any other currency.  Always ask for $US dollars back as change whenever you travel.
3. I do not use travelers cheques anymore.  You can use them but they are kind of out dated and unnecessary.
4. Always try to use credit cards when you can and NOT debit cards when traveling anywhere.  If you are purchasing gifts or a tour we can always get credits on them if there is a problem but not on debit cards.  Use the credit cards that do not charge an international exchange fee like Capital One or ...... Check with your credit card company to make sure they don't charge these annoying fees.
5. Call your credit card company and let them know where you are going when leaving the US.  Some credit card companies say you don' thave to contact them.  Cover your butt!
6.  When booking a sightseeing tour or excursion always use the tour operator we booked your trip with.... like Apple or Funjet Vacations.  Because we know who they are and if you do have an issue or problem we can go back to them for a solution.  This has happened a few times so we know to always ask for receipts and try to use credit cards too so you do have a receipt for sure.
7. If you book a tour with a wandering salesperson on the beach or not with one of our tour operators we cannot help you at all.  ONLY deal with reputable people when traveling out of the country, that is what we do.  They can work up the special rate deals for groups too!
8.  Don't leave anything of value laying around by the pool or in your room. Lock all your valuables in the safe every day.  Better to be safe .....than sorry!
9.  Make sure your passport name matches the name on your E-TICKETS and that your passport will not expire within 6 months of your date of travel.
10. You have earned this vacation so just.....RELAX and ENJOY!
Passport Validity. The maximum period of time that a visitor may stay in Mexico without a formal visa is six months. Therefore your passport, regardless of country of origin, should be valid for a minimum period of six months, however long you intend to stay to avoid any potential problems at the port of entry.
CARIBBEAN - U.S Islands do not require you bring a passport but I bring mine along!
Ask your travel planner for our special "First Choice Travel and Cruise PACKING TIPS" just for Mexico and the Caribbean!