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Mother & Daughters Tahiti Trip of a Lifetime!

Tahiti Mother & Daughters Trip of a Lifetime

Ia Orana from Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora!

Tahiti is not just for honeymooners! 😍😘  Tahiti is the perfect destination for anyone who loves beautiful scenery, clear aqua blue waters and serenity.  You can have plenty of quiet time but there are an abundant of activities to choose from on land or sea!

I am so excited and want to share with you that I was lucky enough to bring my 2 daughters to MY HAPPY PLACE...Tahiti! It was a once in a lifetime opportunity for the 3 of us to be together in Paradise!  We had the most amazing time ever and all agree it is....Truly paradise!  

I can't say enough about how accomodating the hotels we stayed at, the Hilton Moorea and the St Regis Bora Bora for making our trip so memorable and unforgettable!  One of my daughters has Celiacs which is an auto immune disease and these chef's at the hotels really made an effort to meet with us and check in every day!  All the staff knew of her Gluten issue and took great care of her. 

It was my 7th time in Tahiti and my daughters Ginger and Gesica's first time.  I am not bragging, but inspiring and motivating YOU to experience Paradise for yourself!  We flew into Papeete and took the ferry over to Moorea and then later flew to Bora Bora!  We met so many wonderful people on this trip from all over the world.  Of course it is so romantic here and a lot of couples but everyone was so friendly and we met some families too. 
I can't say enough how blessed we were to go and have this wonderful mother / daughter / daughter time!

Ginger said the underwater helmet dive was really out of her comfort zone but sooo glad she did it and said it was awesome!

Gesica was blown away and especially how beautiful and serene Bora Bora was!  She said JAW DROPPING gorgeous!  YES, it is!

I absolutely love the Hilton Moorea and it was a perfect start of our trip.  The water is shallow and it's easy to look at all the fish without even getting my hair wet if I didn't want to jump in.

The best part of traveling with your adult daughters is the bonding experience.  OMG The girls, my girls are 40 and 42 and acted like they were 8 and 10 again.  They were out in the rain in Moorea with blow up floats and umbrellas!!!  They didn't miss a day of our adventure!

The other excursion we took was a jeep trip of Moorea where we tried local fruits, drinks and saw where the pineapples are grown.  Beautiful views of Moorea were a highlight and I guess the girls liked the EALS!  😬

Both of them but expecially Gesica was fixated with the Tahitian TV (the glass coffee table)!  Girls are show offs and wanted to get under that bungalows, even with umbrellas and floats. Oh my, you can imagine the giggling that went on!

They had some great ideas about bringing a couple of blow up floats with its own pump!  We wished we would have brought some rope to keep us near the pier and not float away!  They also found these really cool FULL FACE masks that were perfect for snorkeling!  Everyone had their own masks at the hotel even though the old fashioned ones are complimentary, so this might be something to look into if you are planning on snorkeling alot.  

Every time I visit Tahiti I usually experience something different.  This time I did notice that all the staff at hotels and restaurants all over in French Polynesia were very happy, friendly people speaking perfect English compared to when I first went and it was a little hard to get them to talk to us tourists.  I believe the amazing views of French Polynesia will inspire you to serenity, happiness and peace!

Are you inspired yet? I can't wait for YOU to experience our lovely Paradise!  


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Gayle Zielke, MCC president
First Choice Travel and Cruise  
Wedding Specialist
Certified Tahiti Tiare, Fiji Matai

Tahiti Mother Daughter Trip of a Lifetime