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Once in a Lifetime Hawaii Family Vacation


Everyone loves the HAWAIIAN SPIRIT! Here is what our ALOHA clients want to "SHOW AND TELL" you all about it!





Another Once in a Lifetime Family Vacation in Maui


Road to Hanna, whales, seals, turtles sunbathing… exilerating! Thank you Grand Waile and Gayle from first choice travel.

We could see whales jumping from the balcony. The hotel was spectacular beach every day. Road to Hana Damian and Sarah already had done it so I knew all the stops. Mamas Fish House exceptional… I’m still suffering jet leg up again at noon sleeping in. Thanks for setting it up!!



Hawaii visit with Trafalgar Tours

Hi Lisa,

The trip was awesome!  We thoroughly enjoyed Hawai’i and felt the tour we selected was perfect!  Our tour guide was knowledgeable, calm, and had a fun sense of humor.  Our accommodations were first-class and the food was great.  We really appreciated the fact that Trafalgar had us leave our luggage just inside our hotel room door (not our in the hallway) for pick-up each time.  No complaints, except next time we fly a long distance we will think long and hard about springing for first-class.
We would definitely consider a Trafalgar tour again.
Lynn Elliott

Hawaii by NCL Cruise
Jim and Kellly are looking good on this bike trip in Hawaii!

Jim and Kelly celebrated their anniversary in Hawaii!



Hi Gayle, 
Kelly and I had a wonderful time in Hawaii. The cruise was excellent, the flights were excellent, and the hotel was excellent. We would do it again in a heartbeat.
Kelly and I went hiking, jumped off waterfalls , Bicycled down a volcano, went tubing through lava caves, went shopping, zip lined, and visited the USS Arizona Memorial. 
We made some good friendships with  three other couples.
Jim and Kelly Cunningham

Birthday Celebration this time with the GIRLS!!!
Hi Gayle!  This trip to Hawaii was totally different than the last one!!  Loved loved loved the hotel in Honolulu !!  Wouldn't mind staying there again 😉!!  Cruise was so much fun everyone had a great time.  Got to see a lot this time. Rented a red convertible camaro on my birthday !   Girls went ziplining on our last stop!   I'm hoping to go back in 3 years unless you can find a different paradise that isn't such a long flight.  I had no sea sickness this trip. Bought a Reliefband that I wore while on the ship & flyin.  Cost $100. but was well worth it 😊
 Thank you again for the wonderful job you did.   Sandy
HAWAII 25th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY (FYI: We booked their Honeymoon 25 years ago!)

Hi Gayle, it's Louise Beck!!   The trip was amazing!! No problems.  You and your staff were great.  Gary can't stop talking about Hawaii.  I would say he actually enjoyed the trip more than I.  The cruise was the best part, and having the balcony was great.  We're really looking forward to taking another cruise to Alaska.  But probably in 5 years, unless we win the lottery!Thank you for all the wonderful memories, we will NEVER forget our 25th anniversary!!



HAWAII Multi Island Fun!

Hi Mary
I had a wonderful time in Hawaii.  I do not think there was one favorite part, each island had its own highlight.  As you know I started out on Oahu. I enjoyed Pearl Harbor even though the USS Arizona Memorial was still not open.   I also hiked up Diamond Head.  The views were great but the hike up there was not easy.  I also visited Iolani Palace, the only royal residence in the US.
From there it was the Big Island where I snorkeled, attended a luau and visited Volcanos Nation Park.  All were very entertaining and informative.
Maui was great.  The 52 mile road to Hana took me 14 hrs ;)  I stopped numerous times to get out and hike to waterfalls.  I tried to jump in as many ass I could.  I also stopped at the Garden of Eden Botanical Garden.  The flora was amazing.  I also got to see a few more waterfalls but could not get close enough to jump in.
Kauai was also very beautiful.  Waimea canyon was ineffable.  I took a catamaran along the West coast.   My second last day there I jumped out of a plane in the morning and then took a helicopter ride in the afternoon.
The accommodations were very good.  The Aqua Bamboo on Oahu was actually fantastic.  They were under some remodeling so I got bumped up to a suite with a mini waterfall in the room!  The Royal Kona Resort was nice, probably the most touristy of the places I stayed.  Napili Shores was a condo as I'm sure you know so I tried to save some $$ by going to the grocery store.  One paper bag of groceries (not even full) was $65.  I did save some but then had to do dished😂 The Aston Islander was also very nice.  They were also under renovations but I did not get bumped to a better suite😕  This was the only hotel that actually had a "beach" connected to the property.  I really did not spend much time at beaches anyway.
I really appreciate all you did.  Thanks a million.

The Virlee Family went to Hawaii and loved it!
We really enjoyed the trip.  We had a great time and the Hotels were very nice.  The Royal Lahania on Maui was really nice and loved the breakfast buffet.  We went on a Snorkeling cruise with the kids and got to see some whales along the way.  Greg and I went golfing one day and had a great view of the mountains and the ocean.  The Luau was fun and I think Todd really enjoyed the drinks.  He tested each one.  We saw some beautiful sunsets and the weather was perfect. 
So I guess all we can say was the trip was one we will remember for a long time and will be great memories we had with Todd and Beth.
Thanks for setting everything up!
Maggie & Greg Virlee


Good trip, beautiful sunsets on Maui and Hawaii.  Saw whales on our snorkeling boat, Kilauea had an active crater within it.  The bus driver said it was the most active it has been in years and this morning I found an article that said the crater was deflating out of public viewing.  Good bus tour around Hawaii, luau, and Pearl Harbor trip.  It was quite convenient to have the luau at our hotel.  

Todd and Beth Virlee










A1 Tool Luther gang on a whale watching expedition

A trip of a lifetime for many!!

A1Tool in Maui



Aloha Gayle,

The trip was fantastic.
Here are a couple of pictures of our group, a view from our room and one of my wife Pam and I on our road to Hana trip.


Ken Trenhaile

Ken and Pam at the waterfall on a wonderful bike ride in Maui

Hi Gayle,
We had a wonderful time in Hawaii!  Geoff did a fantastic job in trying to make everyone enjoy themselves.  He was generous beyond !!!  The whale watching, snorkeling, and luau were great.  I was surprised I went snorkeling but it was just as I remembered it so many years ago.  Take care.  Lois
Hi Gayle
First I have to thank you for putting together such a great trip--the hotels were wonderful.   Your ears should have been ringing because we were always saying what a wonderful job you did.    I would definitely use you again and as a matter of fact have told several friends about you.  Our weather was great.   Even the last day with the threat of a hurricane it was sunny and warm.  United cancelled the flight.  But you came through with getting us a room in Oahu for one night--thank you.  My big mistake was that I should have listen to you about early morning flights--not a good idea.   lessons learned need some sleep.  Gayle I want to thank you for everything--I could not have done the planning without you   

Below is a short summary
Marriott--upgraded our room to ocean front before we even got there.  Very nice room with a walk in shower
Arizona tour was great but I would not recommend the air museum   Not much in it at all
Polynesian Culture Center--good tour, food and show.  Personally not sure if I would recommend it.  You saw the show and we would have liked to see some of the demonstrations.
Sheraton--upgraded our room to ocean front before we even got there.  Very nice room.  Orchards on the bed to celebrate our 25th along with a bottle of champagne.  Room had walk in shower.
Dollar had the car ready-we upgraded to a Tahoe. 
Did take the helicopter ride--fantastic -used blue Hawaii
Drove the island and saw the views
Sheraton --upgrade our room to ocean front before we even got there.  Very nice room.   Sent up chocolate covered strawberries for our 25th.  Had walk in shower.  Also this hotel let us use a wheelchair on the internal grounds.  Also the pool had a lift for getting into the pool (need to request it before you go down that works out best).   Also if you had your handicap permit parking was complimentary.
Dollar had our mustang ready --convertible was really fun
Maui was lovely.  Did the road to Hanna but really enjoyed the ride north of the hotel.  Thought that was spectacular  with the ocean and blowholes.  Of course shopped and ate.   Favorite restaurant was Lahandi (not sure of the spelling)  Grill and the Pineapple Grill  Really good
Big Island
Fairmont Orchard--This hotel was excellent.   They were not able to upgrade us to ocean view but instead upgraded us to a suite.  OMG it was wonderful.  Enter have a power room, living room, master bedroom, his and her closets and get this a roll in shower and walk in shower in the same bathroom (yes two showers).  Thank you for the bottle of champagne Gayle.  Also they let you borrow a wheelchair for internal use on the grounds.   Also if you had your handicap permit valet parking was complimentary.  We had dinner at Browns restaurant on there grounds delicious and we sat ocean front with a guitar  player,  Could not be more perfect.
Dollar upgraded car to a Camaro convertible-we got hooked
Found a really nice artist community outside of Kona.  Drove to South point and the National park for the volcano
Which island did we like best each had it pluses but next time probably go to only one or two islands.  But we did and saw a lot--pictures will be coming.
Thank you again for making this trip perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eddie and Christina enjoyed their trip to the Sheraton Maui

We LOVED Maui... so much that Eddie applied for a job out there. I told him to keep dreaming! ;)
It was fabulous. We took a tour on Air Maui, drove the road to Hana, went on a Whale Watching Cameraman, attended a Luau (and they made Eddie get up on stage to dance with the other mister newlywed), got couples massages at Black Rock in the hotel. 

Hope you are doing well!
Christina and Eddie

P.S. Thanks for the Sheraton photo album!



It was really fun and the two places were completely different but we liked both of them. The weather was nice the whole time we were there about high 80s to low 90s.  Jesse and Amber





Couldn't you just jump in that pool right now


Hi Gayle,  Or should I say ALOHA!  Our trip was amazing!!!  Thank you so much for the delicious fruit plate in Kauai at the hotel.  What a nice surprise.  We loved all of Hawaii.  Got on the helicopter ride in Kauai.  Oh so relaxing and beautiful.  Went snokeling 3 times.  Once in Kauai and 2 x's in Maui.  Very fun!  Took a tour in Pearl Harbor.  Tom really enjoyed the Missouri ship visit and wants to go back again for more time because there were a few people who were always late getting back to the tour bus so we were shorted about an hour on that part of the tour. The Luau's were great especially the Smith Family one on Kauai.  Loved the Sunset Cruise in Maui!  The hotels were great the one in Kauai was especially magnificent.  The people and culture were wonderful.  We would love to return!  Yes I will share some pictures with you as soon as I get a chance to get them to you.  Much Thanks once again ... Our Anniversay trip was fantastic!!!   I will be in touch.  Best Regards and Happy Holidays, Heidi  
P.S. By the end of the very 1st day in Honolulu, Tom was already saying he wanted to go back to Hawaii again next year!
This from the guy we had to arm wrestle to get there!!
Yes we did get those extras promised.  The Lei we received upon arrival was lovely and smelled oh so amazing.  The Royal Lahaina luau was good - I especially liked the dancing and singing show they had there.  The food on the Sunset Cruise was very delicous and was a relaxing and wonderful experience.  We also did get the bottle of champagne upon arrival in our room ...from France! I am not much of a drinker but it was fun to celebrate with a glass with my Husband.  Our room was very comfortable with a beautiful side view of the ocean.  The Royal Lahaina was overall fun and the am buffet breakfasts were quite delicious.  Of course you can use my comments in your newsletter.  Several friends at work are interested in going now and I will encourage them to contact you.  Thanks again!  I am going to try to stop by your office to meet you as well sometime soon. 
Best Holiday Wishes!!  Sincerely,  Heidi
Aloha Style
Heidi and Tom in Hawaii on anniversary trip
Hi Gayle,  Sorry it took so long to send these attached photographs.  The pictures include: our arrival at Honolulu Airport (I can still smell those flowers!), the amazing Mariott Resort on Kauai and the unforgetable Sunset Dinner Cruise on Maui. 
Thanks again, the trip was incredible! 
Sincerely, Heidi & Tom Bavlnka
MAUI.... Napili Kai
Sunset view at Napili Kai in Maui Views from Patti and Jeff's patio
Pattin enjoying her Lanai at the Napili Kai
Not everyone wants a high rise busy resort. Looking for a quieter more intimate resort in Maui?  How about the views that Patti and Jeff enjoyed from their Lanai!!!
Hi Gayle,
. The Napilli Kai was a great place. Most of these pictures are taken right from our porch. Beautiful place, nice restaurant right there, great walking path. Everything we wanted.  Napilli Kai was perfect. Highly recommend it
 Bill and Nancy Fell speak out about their daughter's wedding....(parents of Katie Nickel)
Hi Tana -
Just wanted to drop you a line since we're back now.  (unfortunately)  
The wedding was just awesome.  Katie was absolutely gorgeous.  The place they were married was beautiful.  And yes they got blessed at the end of the ceremony with rain.  Actually I thought this time was more rain than I've ever experienced in Hawaii.    
Our place in Oahu Outrigger Luana was very nice - big huge king bed, lanai, nice kitchen and living room.  Our lanai overlooked the back and we could see the military hotel Hale Koa where Logan stayed and his parents and where the dinner was.  We had the rehearsal picnic there although there was no rehearsal.   
Everyone was jealous because Bill & I received from our wonderful travel agent Tana a gift at our Honolulu condo of chocolate covered macademia nuts when we  checked in.  
Then onto Kauai ...Tana the condo - Outrigger Waipouli in Kapaa a was extrodinary.  The nicest place Bill & I ever stayed in.  Awesome.  Loved this place - recommend highly.  Good restaurant next door called the Bull Shed - good steaks and seafood that we walked to.  Then our great travel agent Tana again had a gift for us when we checked in.  2 small boxes of Kauai cookies.   
Tana, the luau we went to in Lahaina is so great.  Each party no matter what size, gets their own individual table.  It's in Lahaina and is called Feast at LeLe.  You have to recommend that one to your customers too. 
 Bill and I did alot - rented a Harley for the day, did different things and most of all "relaxed"!!!!!!!  We really did not want to come home this time.  What an amazing vacation especially to have all our family and friends there. 
Thank you so much for your work on our great trip.  
See you soon.  Nancy & Bill Fell.
John and Veronica Lietz from Mosinee recently visited Hawaii to celebrate their special 25th Anniversary! They told Gayle it was LOTS OF FUN!!! Visited Honolulu and Maui. Everything went great.  The tour in Honolulu left a bit earlier than expected so had to make some changes. John couldn't wait to visit Pearl Harbour and wished he could have been there a bit longer.  They enjoyed the Polynesian Cultural Center and had a great guide there...Cousin Billy! 
The Lietz's thought the Sheraton hotels on both islands were very, very nice! Watched the cliff divers in Maui at their resort and said next time they will go snorkeling there too.
Did the Helicopter ride with Blue Hawaii and Veronica said she had the best seat (right behind the pilot) and could see everything great!
The Lietz's have some hot tips for you for "The ROAD TO HANA".  Bring a guide book along so you can follow along and be prepared where to stop and ...make sure to start out early so you don't miss anything.  The highlight for Veronica on this excursion was the Black Sand Beach.  They also saw some great waterfalls and the tulip trees too!  Took the last sugar cane train trip which was very relaxing.
John and Veronica thought the people were so friendly and the the jewelry was inexpensive.  (Apparently someone found a real nice souvenir.....the kind I LIKE TOO!!!)

OUR OLD MALL FOX RUN NEIGHBORS --Barb and Joe Gonzales from the Hair Artistry Hair Salon in the Fox Run mall went to Hawaii 2 years in a row.  This time they went with their friends Carole and Ron Wolter.  It must be great...I heard they are headed there again!!
These 2 couples are really enjoying their anniversaries

Hi Gayle,
 We're back from our HAWAII vacation and it was wonderful!!! We were at the Old Lahina Luau as you suggested and it was great! We'll talk more later. Thanks a million .  Barb and Joe Gonzales
Pat's clients Ron and Janet Fenske loved their trip to Hawaii!  They visited Oahu, Maui and Kauai.  The Fenske's said everything went off just perfectly and they had a fantastic trip!  Here they pictured on the Sunset Dinner Cruise in Maui!

 They also loved the new Royal Lahaina all remodeled in Maui!


We had a wonderful cruise on the Pride of Aloha.  This was the first time cruising for my husband and he wouldn't hesitate to go again - ANYWHERE!!  The picture below is of us at one of the plantation gardens we visited.  I love flowers to this waw a natural shore excursion for me.  Thanks for all the work you've done to make this trip a once in a lifetime vacation.
Barbara Domoracki

Aloha anyone?

We wanted to send you a note of  "Thanks" for helping us plan a wonderful vacation and celebration of our 25th Wedding Anniversary.  We had a great time!  Everything went well without any problems.  We had great airplane flights both ways and from Honolulu to Maui.  The cruise was fun and we were glad we had booked a room with a balcony--we really enjoyed being able to look out when we were in our room.  We did several excursions while we were on the different islands.  When we got back to Honolulu, we were able to get our flight changed so we could leave at 3:00 to go to Maui.  That allowed us the time to tour Pearl Harbour and also the USS Missouri. 


The weather was great for us the entire trip.  Our week in Maui was great!  The Westin was very nice--we really enjoyed the slide in the pool--I guess we're just a couple of kids at heart.  Thanks for getting us the upgrade in the room.  They did also give us coupons for the breakfast buffet for the entire time we were there.  You must have been able to talk them into it after all!

We drove the road to Hana, did a snorkeling excursion to Molokini Crater and drove up to Haleakala to watch the sunrise.  We even managed to have a couple of days to just sit by the pool and walk on the beach. 


We really had a great time!  I can't wait to go back!


Thanks for making this a memorable occasion for us.


Paul and Nyleen Trimborn




Hello Gayle,
The night in Milwaukee at the Wyndam was good. The Outrigger on Waikiki beach was great. Awesome food and view. We caught a "Santa Landing" Saturday morning.

I think the cruise was good, Maria ??so so. She is a hard case sometimes. The islands were spectacular. From the sea level views of cliffs and whales, to 10,300 ft. Volcano craters. I never new Walmart, K Mart, or Hilo Haiti were "Shore Excursions"


The two Guys molesting my wife are (left ) DJ DYNASTY(young hunk) and (right) the comedian Tim Kaminski, from Milwaukee of all places. HE was hilarious!!! You will have to get the rest of that story from Maria.
Patrick Liesner 


Tana - The trip (MAUI AND KONA HONEYMOON) was great!  It has been a long time (too long) since I had a nice 10-day'er.  You forget how easy it is to forget about work and lose track of days.  Thanks for your help setting this up for us.  Everything was great.  Did a lot of different things and took a ton of great pictures.

Thanks again!  Patrick and Meghan Dietz of Waukesha, WI


Celebrating a Birthday trip at the Hyatt in Maui!!!

Our weather was great.....went to top of Mount Haleakala (10,023 ft. high) to see volcano crater, then on to Iao Valley State Park and the Iao Needle; whale watching...saw whales, luau was great....ROOM was outstanding...with luau music every night.  Had breakfast every day watching the swans and ducks.
YES,  we also took the Sugar Cane Train...a lot of fun
Took the long trip to the top of the mountain, what a ride but enjoyed it all. 
The whale trip you set up was great...saw lots of moms and babies.

I even went swimming and we walked along the beach in the ocean.  It has been years....
Diane Brown and Ivan Ginter


We had a great time.  The picture is from the Polynesian Culture Center on Oahu.
Thanks for your help with getting this vacation scheduled.

Sue Lenz


Sue Naslund, Helen Krueger, Claudia Johnson and Sue Kreuger


Pat's clients pictured below...Carol and Ronald Reiland cruised on the Pride of Aloha said everything was wonderful and they had a really great time!!


Omigosh... we all had the most FABULOUS time, Tana. Thank you so much for setting us up so perfectly. Did you know we even got a $200 credit (each couple) at the end of our stay? It was mentioned in the fax you sent us along with the free breakfasts, but we thought it didn't apply to us. Yea! 

We went to the Hyatt Luau, which you recommended. It was wonderful. And the U'lalena show in Lahaina was one of the most moving and beautiful performances we've  ever attended. Great mythical history of Maui. It's a Cirque du Soleil production, so you know it had to be good.

I think we've ruined our family for regular vacations. They even want Amanda to have a destination wedding in Hawaii! We're there!

Thanks again, Tana, and I'm glad you are doing VERY well.

Aloha, my friend, and hello to all our people back there.

Love, O

Joy Janssen and Olga Aguilar

Santa Barbara, CA


Judi Lapointe loved working with this honeymoon couple.  They did Hawaii right and visited 3 Islands at Starwood Properties. Freida Phillips and Michael Strzyzewski
Attached is a picture of Mike and I in Kauai @ the Mai Tai reception. We had a great time in Hawaii. Thanks for all of your help!
Frieda and Mike


Margo and Rick Bucholtz from Oconomowoc have been waiting to go to HAWAII all their lives.  Rick really wanted to go but it took a special 30th anniversary to really get them there!!!  They had the time of their lives and enjoyed Honolulu and Maui!!

Margo found the "aloha spirit" in Hawaii.
Rick found that black sand beach he was looking for!  A perfect ANNIVERSARY TRIP!  Mahalo

ALOHA!!! A favorite boss (from 20 years ago) and his wife celebrate their 40th Anniversary in the ALOHA STATE!!

Fran Wagner, Chairman of the Board of Citizens Bank of Mukwonago and his wife Carol along with brother Jack and Colette Suminski celebrated their anniversaries in HAWAII!!  The Wagners are up to 40 YEARS now!!  Suminski's are close with 38 years! 

The Wagners spent some time in Honolulu, Maui and Kauai before and after the cruise.  They were able to coordinate their stay with Jack and Colette before the cruise which made the trip extra special. 

They loved the beaches in Maui and the snorkeling in Kauai!  Kauai was so beautiful and secluded. Golfing in Maui for the boys.  Helicopter rides and the Fern Grotto in Kauai was amazing.  Pearl Harbor in Honolulu was great to see. In Hi Lo, (Big Island) the Hawaiian Botanical Gardens were definately worth seeing! Jack and Colette rented a condo while on the Big Island and were able to pick Fran and Carol up from the cruise.  They even spent the night there and really had a great time.  Saw Hi Lo and Kona which can sometimes be hard.

Fran said the wheelchair assistance with NW worked great to get through security and they were very accomodating.  This is great news for Carol who was worried about traveling for the first time in a long time.  Carol also agreed the NCL Cruise in Hawaii was the way to go for her to see all the islands.  Easy for her to get around once they got there. 


The kids couldn't believe how adventurous Carol and Fran were on this trip.  Taking the Helicopter ride in Kauai was another highlight for the couple!

Fran and Carol said they sure wish they were back on the islands now instead of here with the cold and snow in Wisconsin!!  Don't we all?



Hi Gayle!!!!

We had the best time!  Everything was so wonderful.  Thank you so much for the birthday/Mother's Day gift basket.  It was so thoughtful of you and a really nice surprise.  I loved the hotel, everyone was so kind and willing to go the extra mile for us.  It was clean and convenient.

We did everything - luau, surfing, Hana, Haleakala, snorkeling, and lots of beach time.  I already got Tim to promise to go back with me, I'm hoping next year.  It was a really great trip to be on with my daughter and I think it would be that much more wonderful with Tim.  He always said that there was no way he'd ever go to Hawaii because there are tropical places to vacation that are much closer, but this was so different than all the other warm weather places we've traveled to and well worth the travel time.  

Thanks again.  It was such precious time to have with my daughter who is almost 16 years and entering her junior year in high school.  There just isn't a price for the time we shared.


Talk with you soon,

 Julie Goggins


P.S.  The boys came home safely but their trip definitely paled in comparison to ours.




  Okons and Elenbergers at I'ao Valley State Park

Marilyn and Richard Okon and Sally and Theodore Elenberger told  Mary Malsch,

"The four of us had a spectacular time in Hawaii!  We often talk about going back and would highly recommend staying at Kaanapali Shores on Maui."


Marilyn and Richard Okon and Sally and Theodore Elenberger on Sunset Cruise in Maui

The first was taken at I'ao Valley State Park and the second was on the Paragon Sunset Cruise.  The pics always make me want to go back!




Thank you Pat for the wonderful vacation we had it was really truly nice we couldn't ask for better one everything went exactly the way it suppose to be smooth and a lots of fun the kids love it and me and my husband we enjoyed every moment of it .

This is the second time you pick the perfect resort for us so we truly thank you and we hope our next vacation not to far away, so see you soon.  Soya



 Hi Gayle!


We just got back yesterday from our trip and had a GREAT time!  Thank you for all your help.  The accommodations were great.  My family really enjoyed having a full kitchen and a separate bedroom at the Maui Banyan.  The hotel was very close to some great snorkeling locations as well!!  Kauai was absolutely stunning, and the helicopter ride have us a great overview of the island since we could only stay there a few days.  If my dad had his way, we would have stayed on Kauai much, much longer.  I think I slept for almost 24 hours when we got back...we kept ourselves very, very busy, and were able to see an amazing amount of incredible things!


It was very nice to be back on the islands...I miss them already!

Thank you for setting us up on a fabulous vacation,


I guess even though you go on a family reunion vacation you can still find that ALONE time you were looking for too!  That is what makes a vacation special and memorable!
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