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Gayle Zielke your Certified Tahiti Tiare Specialist
If you were planning the trip of a lifetime or perhaps your honeymoon, speical celebration and you wanted to go to an exotic island destination – wouldn’t you want your travel agent to have been there first? 
How about 7 times????  🙋😍😎
  • Wouldn’t you feel more confident with a travel agent who knew what the hotels are like?
  • How to get around? What not to miss and what not to waste your time on?
  • Want someone with a passion for the destination and the most important trip of your life?
  • Of course you would! Especially if you had your heart set on the Islands of Tahiti.

That’s why travel agent Gayle Zielke president of First Choice Travel and Cruise in Waukesha, Wisconsin took the time and effort to become a Certified Tahiti Specialist™—a trained expert in Tahiti!
“The Tahiti Tiare program is tough, but when you finish you really know the destination,” says Zielke. “A lot of people have a life-long dream of going to Tahiti. So they do a lot of research. But then when they go to book their trip, they discover that their travel agent doesn’t know the first thing about it.”
The Tahiti Tiare program is an intensive training program that Tahiti’s national tourist office offers to travel agents. Agents don’t get certified until they attended workshops to learn vacation options. Then they have to go to another seminar, put on by Tahiti partners. They must also take a trip to the Islands of Tahiti and experience the country first-hand. Gayle has been there 7 times!  
Who wouldn't want to visit Tahiti?
And there’s more. They have to sell four trips, demonstrating that they can successfully put together and sell Tahiti vacations…annually. For Zielke that is no problem as she is usually working on Tahiti guests all the time!
Zielke says that being a Certified Tahiti Specialist has given her the ability to make people’s dreams come true. For travelers seeking a unique getaway to a place of heart-stopping beauty, the Islands of Tahiti are the place. “There is no more romantic place for a honeymoon, anniversary or special birthday celebration. But that’s not all. There are wonderful cruises throughout the islands. There’s also world-class scuba diving and yachting. And no matter what you do on your trip, you get to experience the genuine warmth of the Polynesian people. I’d say that’s one of the most remarkable things about the destination.”





Tahiti Tiare specialist at First Choice Travel and Cruise!!! The Tahiti Tiare Specialist program is an intensive training program that Tahiti’s national tourist office offers to travel agents. It took a lot of time and effort to become a Tahiti Tiare agent and I am proud to say our office has TWO of the only Specialists in Wisconsin and the midwest that completed it.  I have been to Tahiti and all her islands many, many times so I can keep up with all the changes of this exotic Paradise.  Sara Batchelor has also been to Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora along with New Zealand.  She has been assisting guests and selling the South Pacific for quite a few years and loves the romantic South Pacific destinations.  

It is so great to know all the hotel managers and representatives who give my clients such great service and sometimes they are lucky enough to get that important ....UPGRADE too!  Of course I can't guarantee it but I certainly can go after it for you and I have lost count now on how many of my clients were the lucky ones!  In fact everyone that gets to go to Tahiti will come home and feel like the lucky one!  That we can guarantee!
You may ask why First Choice Travel and Cruise agents go through all the bother to get certified in the many destinations we specialize in. If you were planning the vacation of your lifetime, or perhaps your honeymoon, and you wanted to go to an exotic island destination, wouldn’t YOU want your travel agent to have been there first? You would feel more confident with an agency where someone has visited the hotels, knows how to get around, where to get a decent meal, and knows the best sightseeing options first-hand. We will also tell you what we didn’t like or if we think the hotel or destination might not be right for you.

     Tahiti is not for everyone. If you are looking for a lot of night-life and a cooler climate, I would recommend some place else. But for travelers seeking a unique getaway to absolute paradise, Tahiti and Her islands are the place. There is no more romantic place for a honeymoon or anniversary. We have also sent quite a few families to the islands who praised the scuba diving and snorkeling. No matter what you do on your trip, you get to experience the genuine warmth of the Polynesian people and their culture and that is remarkable.

     My husband Gary and I celebrated our 30th anniversary in Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora. I absolutely loved it. The Tahitian Islands were, by far, my favorite pick for a vacation so far. I have wanted to go to the South Pacific for so long. (after I saw those over water bungalows!) The destination itself, and all of the resorts that I stayed at, exceeded my expectations (and we all know that is hard to do since I travel so much!)

    The people were very friendly and all of the employees were from the Polynesian Islands. I would say Tahiti is what I expected Hawaii to be like. It was very Polynesian, white powder sand beaches, clear aqua blue waters and snorkeling that is to die for. I was never that good at snorkeling but now I think I am an expert. I am truly spoiled by the clarity of the ocean in the South Pacific and I will be very picky about where I go to snorkel next.
   Moorea was my favorite island. We stayed in an over water bungalow (of course). We could see the fish underneath us through a glass covered coffee table. I have snorkeled throughout the Caribbean but the waters of the South Pacific beat anything I have ever done! I have never seen so many different fish. I was very comfortable jumping right in off my own private pier and watching Gary feed the fish.  I have a picture of a beach bungalow for you below so you can get an idea of the difference in bungalows. There are so many different categories of bungalows and overwaters.  We can discuss which is best for YOU!!!

     We met people from all over the world while we were on different tours and at the resorts. Bora Bora was absolutely gorgeous and looked just like the pictures in the brochures with all the different shades of blue water. Our lobby was on a huge over water bungalow. Very cool, different, upscale, top of the line. What can I say –the place was PARADISE!!! I can’t wait to go back. 

 I didn't wait long because the next year we  went to Tahiti on a 10 day cruise and visited Papeete, Moorea, Tuamotu Atolls, Nuku Hiva and Hiva Oa (the Marguesas Islands), Rangiroa, Tahaa, Raiatea and Bora Bora again!  We sailed on a wonderful Princess Cruise and we came back totally relaxed.  It was just as I remembered and MORE!!! 

Ok.. I know how fortunate I am...and I will not apologize except to my husband who didn't go with me on my next 2 trips there on business. Sorry honey.  But I was lucky enough to go to Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora again for a nine night trip to Paradise in November to revisit all the hotels and then againin April.  I still am in awe whenever I get there. It is the most beautiful place on earth!!!  I saw waterfalls, turquoise lagoons, lush volcanic peaks, tropical flowers and the most exotic colorful fish on my helmut dive.  (you can also see them just looking down in the water in your overwater bungalow).  You don't have to snorkel or dive to appreciate all the stingrays, sharks and tropical fish just waiting for you underwater.  This is truly a vacation of a lifetime, why don't you make it YOURS!!!

I speak to the hotel managers on your behalf almost every week for my VIP clients!!  That could be YOU!


Gayle Zielke, M.C.C.
Tahiti Tiare/Honeymoon Specialist 


Mother & Daughters Tahiti Trip of a lifetime!


Mauru’uru roa!
To contact Gayle Zielke, call First Choice Travel and Cruise at 262-542-5955 /