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 Where in the world has Gayle Zielke been traveling to!

Gayle in Bora Bora, Tahiti!

Gayle Zielke, the president of First Choice Travel and Cruise has been selling vacation travel since 1989.  With over 30 years of experience in selling exciting Honeymoons, Destination Weddings, Unique River & European Cruises along with mastering the All-Inclusives in Mexico and the Caribbean, you can tell Gayle is all about those romantic locations. As a Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Specialist Gayle agrees she loves to sell what she knows best!   Ask her about all the new resorts in Jamaica, a Mediterranean or Baltic or any River Cruise, getting a Group together, breathtaking Alaska, down under Australia and New Zealand, the Blue Lagoons of Fiji and the ultimate, exotic experience... Tahiti (Bora Bora)! 

Her absolute favorite part of her job is working closely with all her clients.  I love helping couples and sharing with them the most romantic places!  Gayle has travelled extensively throughout the Caribbean, Hawaii, Mexico, Costa Rica, Tahiti, Alaska and Europe. Recently Gayle has revisited a few destinations traveling to Punta Cana, Kauai, the Big Island of Hawaii, Fiji, the Adriatic, River Cruising and the Riviera Maya again.


Gayle traveling the world!

Gayle has taken her First Choice Travel and Cruise travel planners on hotel and destination inspections every year to keep everyone updated on the most popular VACATION spots we sell.  Either they travel with our office or I make them go on their own to keep updated.  Imagine ...making them travel!!

Hawaii, Alaska, Punta Cana, Puerto Vallarta, Cancun and the Mayan Riviera, Costa Rica, Cabo San Lucas, Disney, Jamaica, Punta Cana and Fiji were the most recent trips all the agents experienced.  She says, "My whole office is very well traveled and our clients love that we know first hand what we are selling"!  "I never take a vacation without inspecting hotels for my clients".

This is really CABO.... But it looks like it could be a wonderful waterfront city in Sicily or Italy, doesn't it?         

"If we are really focused on one or two destinations that we are passionate about, we can work incredibly efficiently since we are always kept up to date on that destination. We want YOU to have the most unique and amazing experiences on your vacation."  Your referals and amazing comments and pictures mean the world to us!"
Gayle Zielke, MCC
First Choice Travel and Cruise



Gayle won the prestigious Funjet First Award!

 Funjet Vacations awarded Gayle Zielke, president of First Choice Travel and Cruise a Funjet First Award! This award recognizes Zielke as the top travel agent in Wisconsin for her dedication and service to her local clients. “Winning the Funjet First Award is truly an honor,” said Gayle Zielke, president.  “All of our agents at First Choice Travel and Cruise are so proud to be recognized for our excellent service to the clients in our community.”


Kaui is the island of flowers!  Floral and Fauna!


Gayle has earned her degree as a AKAMAI (Hawaii specialist) and she is Wisconsin's Tahiti Tiare Agent for the South Pacific.  Gayle is part of the  Tahiti Elite Club - Preferred Agent program.

It was definately worth all the hours studying for both of the courses and visiting all of the islands! 

Visiting Hawaii and experiencing Lanai and Molakai along with an old favorite Maui was really great.  These pictures are just some of the adventures I experienced while in Kauai!

Imagine the different cultures and great varieties of activities on each of these islands.  One is magical, one is Hawaii's most enticing island and the other is Hawaiian by Nature!   If you haven't been there lately I suggest you go back and revisit the ALOHA spirit.

ATV on the island in Kauai was a blast!


Ok I admit it, I love all the ISLANDS and I am truly an ISLAND GIRL!!!






Gayle made a few new friends in Bora Bora!"Everyone in my office and all my clients and friends know how I feel about Tahiti!!" says Gayle Zielke, A Tahiti Tiare Specialist.  Gayle said, she and her husband Gary returned from a couple of recent trips to Tahiti, Bora Bora and Moorea for their 30th wedding anniversary and fell in love with the destination.  "We definately found PARADISE in Moorea and Bora Bora.  I have always looked at all those great pictures you see in the brochures and dreamed of going there some day.  Once we got there we could not believe how beautiful and "out of the ordinary" this destination actually is.  We absolutely loved the overwater bungalows and snorkelling with the stingrays was one of the BEST sightseeing tours we have ever done!!  Gayle agreed that the Helmut Dive in Bora Bora was really fun and felt like an astronaut under water.

 Traveling to Tahiti for her 40th anniversary (child bride) on a Paul Gauguin Cruise (all inclusive) and of course as long as we are there staying in an over water bungalow for a couple nights!

Ask Gayle to recommend a vacation for you that will exceed your expectations!!  
  or call 262-542-5955 



Ok I did the zipline in Costa Rica!  Glad to be back on the ground!

From the smile on my face I bet you think I am enjoying myself on this zipline trip in Costa Rica but if you would have heard all the screaming and yelling all the way from tree to tree you would know the truth.  Look closer and see I am really hugging the tree for dear life as I am on a platform that is about as big as a size of my desk!  You can also see from the look on our zipline guide's face as he wipes his brow how he feels about me holding onto him so tightly too.  I am sure he wants this day to be over fast and so do I.

Ok so I am glad I did it, I get to brag to everyone who will listen.  But I am afraid of heights so I am not sure why I said yes to Greg Ludwig from Funjet to even attempt this adventure!!  Those Funjet people can talk me into trying anything once!

You only live once.... go try it for yourself.


On a BALTIC CRUISE with some good friends Lehners and Ewalds which began in Copenhagen and cruised on to Norway, Sweden and Russia.  The sightseeing was more than what I had hoped for. Certainly so much different than the Mediterranean and definately worth  your time.  I have so many beautiful pictures it is hard to choose one.  You will just have to go yourself!

 The Baltic cruise we took with a group was amazing.  I didn't expect it to be so exciting, but it was!

Have you heard of the ICE BAR in SWEDEN?  Brrrrrrr but FUN! Don't miss out on this once in a lifetime adventure!






Gayle has visited all of the Hawaiian Islands!

Hawaii directors for the Maui, Molakai and Lanai Visitors Association. Chris Kai`aokamalie Maui, Sarah Patt Funjet, Jason Madsen FJ, Tammy Funjet, Waynett Ho-Kwon Lana'i, Julie Bicoy Moloka'i and I am in the front.  I will never forget my visit to Lanai and Molokai and our fantastic Luau in Maui!



 Sydney, Australia was the beginning port of this adventure

  We loved our cruise from Australia to New Zealand.  It was a trip of a lifetime and a special anniversary!! We will never forget it.  We had a great group of people with us and met so many new friends there.   It was certainly an adventure down under!



 Mykonos Greece was one of my favorite ports of call on this trip!

Visiting Italy, Greece, France, Monte Carlo and Monaco on a Med cruise that stopped in Mykonis is a favorite of mine.  I loved it so much we are adding in Spain and we went back with another group in fall!




Rome with my husband and friends was so fun


Spending the day in beautiful, romantic Rome, Italy with my favorite man for over 40 years! 
That is all I can ask for!

Or I can ask to back again, and again!







  I have been to Alaska 5 times and you can see something different each time

ALASKA was one of those awesome destinations that all our agents and clients love.  I like the warmer weather vacations so when Judi Lapointe twisted my arm and made me go...I could see why everyone is so enamored with this great state.  You can just feel the excitement when a glacier is calving, a whale is jumping in the air, a story is being told about the history of Alaska.

I used to think Alaska was one of those ONCE in a LIFETIME destinations but boy was I wrong.  I have been there myself 7 times and I still find something new to see and experience every time I go!

This is one of those places NOT TO BE MISSED!



Barcelona Spain

Back to the Mediterranean with my daughter Gesica and sister Robbie and lots of friends visiting Barcelona, Nice, Florence, Rome, Naples, Sorrento, Positano, Palermo, Cefalu all in one week was a blast!!  One of the nicest trips I have ever been on.  Very adventurous taking taxis from the ports to all the hidden secret cities that are not too touristy!!




  Rome with my sister, daughter and a great group



Back to Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora!  These are my favorite destinations for romantic vacations, Honeymooners and Anniversary couples!!  I think it is Paradise and the highlight of my life travels!!! 

Helmut diving is so exciting, you have to try it
This Helmut dive was one of the most exciting excursions I have ever done.  I loved being underwater with all my new FISH friends! 

See how I try everything out just for you...then I can tell you all about it?  Don't take my word for it.  Try it yourself in BORA BORA!!!


Left the husband home this trip and he was really jealous when he saw this!!

Fun to do this with your friends 


Swim with the dolphins in Moorea

This is as close to a Dolphin as I got.  They wanted me to kiss the dolphin but I didn't know him well enough for kisses.  I save those for my husband. 

We spent our 30th and 40th anniversary in Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora.  I absolutely love it there and so does Gary!

Gary and Gayle celebrate their anniversary in Moorea



Celebrate your HAPPY ANNIVERSARY in the most beautiful place in the world!  Truly Paradise!




To celebrate a special birthday with my 2 daughters I took them to PARADISE!












Check out our company FIJI trip with Travel2!

Fiji is another option for adventure seeking couples!  It certainly was exciting for all of us to see different islands of FIJI.  We were able to visit the BLUE LAGOON island and imagine being shipwrecked here!!!





Grab your significant other and go see EUROPE by RIVER CRUISE!  You will love being able to visit fairytale castles, reach out and touch some history and culture that is still very much alive there!

Gary and I cruised the brand-new Avalon Creativity Waterway this fall.  A great time to take in a river cruise when all the tourists are gone!  Very reasonable then too!

Once you try a River Cruise you will be hooked!  I am on my 4th one this fall and booked the next one already too!

Find out more on how YOU can cruise by river!  Email Gayle at:  




I am jumping for joy because it is so beautiful in Aitutaki!  It was just what I imagined and more!

As soon as I arrived in Rarotonga I knew I was in for an adventure trip of a lifetime.  Memories of Deep sea fishing, riding a scooter in Aitutaki, underwater fun at One Foot Island, authentic South Pacific dancers, Dinner at Trader Jacks, Free Beer tasting of Cooks Lager, miniture golf, fresh fish every day will keep me as warm as the weather was there this winter!  Take a minute to see what I did in the Cook Islands or better yet.....Experience the Cooks for yourself!



Gayle loved her tour all over New Zealand



I loved my wonderful trip in New Zealand.  It was a second visit and I was able to see and experience all sorts of wonderful sights!

Gayles New Zealand Adventure






Danube River Cruise with a fun group of guests!

Gayle has cruised on some wonderful river cruises with great itineraries.  Definitely will go again.  Husband Gary loved the small boutique ships and river cruise life!

PS-From Gayle, Honeymoon & Destination Wedding Specialist: "WOW! I absolutely love all the wonderful comments from my clients.  I really feel like I am part of these exciting once in a lifetime events and celebrations.  I can't wait to hear how you love your vacations. This never gets old and I get just as excited as they do. I am so grateful to have such amazing clients to work with.  Makes all the special contacts I have made and all the traveling to these great destinations especially for my clients...all worthwhile!!"  


Paul Gauguin Cruise Group

Our Paul Gauguin group loved Tahiti, Moorea and the whole cruise!


I can't say enough about my first PAUL GAUGUIN CRUISE in Tahiti!  I truly want to go back RIGHT NOW!  It was the most amazing cruise experience and as you can see I have been around the block!!!

Paul Gauguin Group



On this cruise in the Adriatic we began in Venice and ended in Rome.  On the way we visited Croatia and all sorts of BUCKET LIST visits.




I can't wait for my next adventure to share with YOU!!!