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Take care of all the paperwork before you leave and you can get married in Australia any time after your arrival Down Under.

Plan at least 5 weeks ahead to get married Down Under.  Australian law requires that all marriage papers are dated and witnessed no more than 18 months, and no less than one month and one day before the wedding day.
What you will need is : "Notice Of Intended Marriage Form" - These are available from all Australian Consulates around the world. Look them up online. Or call information and ask for the number of the Australian Consulate nearest to you. Ask the Consulate to send you the 'Notice of Intended Marriage Form'.
Copies of both Birth Certificates or Passports.
If this is not the first wedding for the couple, evidence must be shown how the previous marriage(s) ended.  Copies of Divorce Papers or copy of a Death Certificate will be needed. 
Any name changes should show legal proof. 
Learn some fun Aussie speaking phrases like G'day! and Ow ya goin mate? to get ready for your Amazing Aussie Adventure Down Under!


Why visit Australia  


Mary Malsch our Aussie Specialist has been customizing Australia and New Zealand vacations for guests for over 30 years!  She said the big pull to Australia for most people is to actually see and experience some of the most unique areas of the world they have always heard about.
Wouldn't YOU want to work with an experienced knowledgeable Aussie Specialist travel planner who is passionate about the destination?

When it is time to start planning your DESTINATION WEDDING OR VACATION
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