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Diane and Eddie Gamez in Australia

We had a fabulous vacation - it was everything we hoped for. Moorea was beautiful, especially Cook's Bay. The Bali Hai was nice enough, clean and no bugs, but the price and especially the scenery was well worth it. Our cruise was super too. Although we have so many incredible memories, I'd have to say my favorite experience was holding a koala bear. The flights went smoothly (although we hated LAX - what a dump) and all the transfers too. I appreciate you taking care of all that for us. Our location in Darling Harbour was very nice - easy to walk to all the Darling Harbour activities. I'm not sure if we will ever be able to top this trip - it was truly the dream trip of a lifetime!


This is Tyler Barg's and Carol Fallabeck's honeymoon to Australia.  They had a great time and the Highlight of the trip was the Thala Beach Lodge and the behind the scenes tour of Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo.


Richard Berndsen and Lori Nelson visited Australia and New Zealand.  This couple joined in all sorts of activities and sightseeing excursions while they were there.

Australia and New Zealand should be on everyone’s travel list!

The cruise was top shelf all the way.  We were impressed with the ship, cleanliness of it and attentiveness of the staff wherever we went aboard the Solstice.  The food was outstanding both in the dining room and in the Oceanview Café (buffet area). Our short time in Sydney was wonderful. Great weather gave us lots of opportunity to explore.  



Cruise Australia and New Zealand for an amazing visit!


Imagine getting this group together from all over the U.S. to visit down under Australia and scenic New Zealand.  Pictured above are Geoff and Tammy Luther from Chicago, Mary Ann and Joe Mundwiler from North Prairie, Cookie and Bob Brock from Merrimac, Dan and Roxanne Slane of New Berlin, Greg and Carol Apuli from Pewaukee, Peggy O'Neill and Jim Zechinati from Kentucky, Carol and Wally Zeck from Arizona and Gary and Gayle Zielke, MCC president of First Choice Travel and Cruise. 

Comments from the group:  "It was easy to get around all over since everyone speaks English, but with a wonderful Aussie and Kiwi accent.  Everyone we met was so friendly and helpful.  We did not get to the outback on this trip but visited the major cities in Australia and countryside of New Zealand.  Even the flight was not as long as we thought, slept and watched movies all the way.  Loved the Kangaroo's, Koala's, Tazmanian Devils and Kiwi's!!"  

Honeymooners in Australia


 Karen and Scott said they LOVED Sydney Harbour on thier Dinner Cruise in Australia.