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The Zielke, Zelechowski and Logan family loved their Alaska Cruise and Tour package! They all agreed it was their best vacation ever!!! 


Family Alaska trip on Royal Caribbean

The trip was terrific!  We enjoyed both the cruise and the wild Alaska frontier.  We are an active family and picked excursions that were fairly physical.  The favorites were the float plane/fly fishing and Mendenhall Glacier Canoe and Hike.  We’d highly recommend both!  We also enjoyed kayaking and did a lot of hiking into the mountainside.  I’d say our least favorite stop was Icy Strait Point as it was seemed geared toward tourists and shopping, although there were excursions we could have elected.  We would recommend the trip to others!  


Thank you again for your customer service! We enjoyed working with you and appreciate you making it easy to via email! 
Niebler Family  



11th Anniversary Celebrated in Alaska


Hello!!!   After our cruise we went straight to Sitka to meet up with my husband's family to fish for a week. The cabin was great. It was so nice to have a balcony and enjoy the sunlight so late into the evening. My husband and I spent our evenings there playing cards and enjoying the sights. The bed was harder than we like, and as we were packing up my husband found rolls of cushions under the bed. I guess we should have asked our room attendant!

I liked Juneau the best because we were able to go on a glacier!! I didn't book excursions until close to the cruise, so many things were already sold out. We did have a wonderful time at each port though. 

We kayaked in the rain in Sitka, took a helicopter to the glacier to check out the dog sled dogs in Juneau, and went on a 11 mile bike ride in Haines. 

The food was pretty good. Windjammer was hit or miss, but the My Time Dining was excellent. I got escargot every night ;) We also did the Chef's Table our last night there, as that was our anniversary. That was very very good!!

I'm so glad we were able to go on this cruise! Thank you for your help with everything :) Sarah  



Tim Allen took his close friends and family on an Alaskan Adventure they will always remember!!!


Alaska was magnificant!  Everything was great.  The weather was perfect.  So happy we upgraded the drink program on Celebrity.  The food was good but we wanted to try something else so we did the wine and food dinner and also the chef dinner which we all loved!  
All the excursions we booked went well.  The weather wasn't good for our kayak trip in Ketchikan so that was cancelled and we made our own fun checking out the local Alaskan breweries.  Since breweries are what most of us were interested in, we loved this relaxing day all to ourselves!
We decided to take the longer Denali tour and saw a lot more wildlife like grizzly, moose, caribou, about 18 mountain goats.  We saw Mt McKinley and it is never clear, only 20% of the time.
We also saw wildlife on the White Pass train. It was an older train but awesome. The Whales, Tales and Ale tour in Juneau was great.  The Hubbard Glacier was magnificent and we had a sunshiney clear day. 
Thanks for all your help putting this trip of a lifetime together!
 I had to share this one with you.  We have now created a tradition when we all get together.
It started out as a simple we need help to drink the beer so we can have the cardboard carriers for our friend who collects them and posts them all in his garage.  So as we were all sitting in one hotel room in Talkeetna we thought let's try the facials from the Alaska Glacial Mud Company we just bought in the hotel lobby to see if we should get more.  
This photo is now a tradition that we will do every time we get together.  The brave souls who dared to try the mud.  It's awesome and you can buy it on line thanks to Shark Tank.
What a group!!!!  Sue

From Denali to Talkeetna and finally to Seward.  

Our favorite day was spent in Talkeetna.  We had the bright sunshine, clear blue sky and the majestic views of Denali.  I would recommend the Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge and K-2 Aviation as the best ways to see the Alaskan Mountain Range.  We were blessed with abundant sunshine, blooming fireweed and views that words cannot begin to describe!  
Thanks to First Choice Travel and Cruise for coordinating the most wonderfully relaxing and beautiful trip.  



We had an amazing time.  Definitely a trip of a lifetime. We saw SO much wildlife (whales, orca, grizzly bear, moose, caribou, Dall sheep, puffins, black bear, eagles, seals, sea lions, and I’m probably missing some).  Weather, as you know, was outstanding, and the scenery – well, that was simply awe inspiring.  And the variety of excursions, experiences, etc. 


Kathy and Doug




Gayle, Alaska was the most beautiful of any cruise we have been on. Princess was very nice.  Brenda Busalacchi

Gayle,I really enjoyed it! Alaska was gorgeous! My only complaint is that we weren't able to stay longer in a couple of the ports.. we got there- did our excursion and left.. it would have been nice to sight see on our own a bit. But overall the ship was nice (service wasn't as top notch as it used to be). Food was EXCELLENT and they catered to my nutrition needs very well. If I had to rate it from a 1-5  (5 being highest) I would give it a 4.2. LOL

This is a must DO cruise!!!
p.s our room was fantastic!!!
Karen Busalacchi
ALASKA family vacation on the Star Princess from Anchorage to Vancouver
Hi Mary,
We had a great time on our cruise. The weather was ideal, as you can tell by the photos. Thanks for your help in planning it and also for the complimentary meals at the Ala carte restaurant.
The trip was really wonderful. We had great weather, lots of sunshine and fairly warm temps.
We really liked having the land and cruise done by Princess. It made the trip very relaxing. I also think having the land portion first was best since you have to move luggage in the early morning and hotels each day.
The Denali Park excursion was special because we say a grizzly bear fairly close up and were able to linger and watch for quite awhile. The train ride from Denali Park to Whittier was great, loved the glass dome cars. We went thru so much beautiful scenery.
Our favorite excursion was the float plain ride over 5 glaciers in Ketchikan. The White Pass train ride had spectacular views and good commentary. 

Celebrate a 30th Anniversary in ALASKA!

BEAR!Kerry and Jeff Luecht in Alaska!

Hey Gayle,

We had a very nice time on the cruise.  Our ports of call were very interesting. We really enjoyed them.

I would recommend this cruise to anyone. The scenery was just beautiful!  Thanks for your help,  Kerry



Good morning Gayle,  We enjoyed Alaska tremendously and are already talking about a return trip.   We went on a whale watching/glacier excursion and it was incredible.   We got to see multiple whales surfacing but no breeches.   We were close enough to hear them and it was very special.   The glacier tour was also wonderful.   

Thank you again for helping us with this trip.    You’re now 2 for 2 with Jamaica and Alaska.   J    Have a great day!    Tim


An amazing 5th Anniversary trip in Alaska! 

Brett St John celebrate in ALASKA!Gina and Brett St John on an ALASKAN cruise! 

 Buschard Gardens are fun!

Here are a few pics of Brett and I in Alaska.

The one at the bar is when we were at Skagway Fishing Co. enjoying some amazing food and great beer.  There are 2 of them when we were at the Buchart Gardens taking in the beautiful scenery and amazing gardens. 

The other pic is when we were in Juneau checking out the Mendenhall was breathtaking!   
Thanks for planning such an amazing trip for us. 
Regina St. John


The highlight of our trip to Alaska was taking the helicopter from the Denali park area to the Glacier in the mountains.  Absolutely Spectacular!!!





Debbie and Randy in Alaska



Thank you for helping set up our cruise of the inner passage in Alaska.  All the arrangements you made for us were great, since this was our first cruise it was nice to have someone that understand the industry make them.  We had a wonderful room on the back of the ship in a great location and thanks for suggesting the assigned dinner time, it worked out great for us.  We both really enjoyed cruising the inner passage and seeing Glacier Bay along with the towns we stopped at.  We did not go with your suggests of execution, we did a float plane that viewed 5 glaciers, the views that we saw were awesome.  But talking to others on the ship that did the excursions you suggested they said they were wonderful to see and experience.


Working with you  was a great experience, any questions we had were answered or you were able to get the answers back to us right away.  When we go again on a cruise we will book it through you again.



Debbie & Randy   




It is not every day you have a family reunion cruising in Alaska. This was a wonderful Alaskan trip for this family.... coming from all over the US just to experience the wilderness.  They loved the white pass train trip, helicopter on the glaciers and just being together to enjoy this adventure!

Keith and Kathy Tracy brought the gang along to ALASKA!









We liked the Mendenhall glacier!!!
 - from left to right -
Paulie and Brian Haugen of Morrisville, PA
Mark and Carol Haugen of St. Peters, MO
Peggy and Paul Haugen of Hubertus, WI
Kathy and Keith Tracy of Mequon, WI

Hi Tana,

Thank you for the follow up e-mail.  We thoroughly enjoyed the cruise.  We saw a lot of wildlife(whales, eagles, otters, sea lions, dolphins & even brown bears, one with 3 cubs) and were amazed by the glaciers.  We saw quite a few calvings, that was amazing.  Unfortunately our helicopter excursion was cancelled in Skagway due to rain. I have to admit that we did not really enjoy the land tour.  It was way too rushed for us and we really didn't see any wildlife.  No sight of Mt. McKinley(gee what a surprise) or animals @ Denali.  In order to see wildlife in Denali I think we should have been on a earlier excursion.   It rained all but 2 days the entire time.  We had really nice weather in Kenai but that was it.  On the whole we enjoyed our trip and would recommend Alaska and Princess.  I was extremely amazed at the service we received on the ship and land.  Princess people were everywhere and very friendly and helpful.  They were so organized and on top of things.  We had absolutely no problems. 

Candi and Jim Corrigan of Brookfield


A glacier was the backdrop for this beautiful photo of Scott and Jan Gray, Kathy and Jim Murphy and Pat and Roger Benway’s trip to Alaska. Get your group of family or friends together and call us so we can help you start making memories like these.       
Scott and Jan Gray, Kathy and Jim Murphy and Pat and Roger Benway







From left to right are Scott and Jan Gray, Kathy and Jim Murphy and Pat and Roger Benway.

Judy Wendt, Barbara Isleb, Janet Wickersham and Mae Jean Kanters finished their Alaskan cruise in Vancouver and took a day tour to Victoria to see Buchart Gardens.

The trip was great.  Your services enhanced our experience.  

Carol & Buck Houston


This Family Alaska Vacation must have been great.  We got the picture the same week they came home.  I know they loved it. 


Dear Friends,

Back from the "Upper One" (Alaska)  and had a great trip.  The boat kept us plenty entertained but the scenery and animals were amazing.  we saw... black bear and brown bear feeding on the running salmon, huge salmon, Minke Whales, Humpback Whales and Orcas, Sea Otters, Moose and tons of Bald Eagles.  The glaciers were amazing and even saw them calving.  I recommend this cruise to everyone.  And I can't wait to go back and explore some more.  Attached just one picture of us, the pictures just don't do the memory justice, but here we are awaiting our ride back (in the background) to Ketchican from our Bear experience in Anan Creek.  Elizabeth Marquardt  



Mary Malsch, Operations Manager at First Choice Travel and Cruise returned from a trip to Alaska with her family and a group of adventure seekers.  Check out this picture of Mary, Brooke and Harry Malsh standing on a glacier. 


The Malsch family in ALASKA on a Glacier!

Mary was thinking that her daughter who just loved Alaska so much...probably wanted to stay there!   She met so many new friends there.

 Kids enjoy ALASKA too!


Almost all of the First Choice Travel agents have been to Alaska.  


Our whole office will agree that State Certified Alaska Specialists know Alaska inside and out. Some of us have been to Alaska many, many  times along with numerous trips to Canada back and forth.  Gayle has been all over the state of Alaska from Anchorage, Seward,the Kenai, Copper River, Denali and Fairbanks.  Mary has been there on land and cruise visits!  



You can give the GIFT OF ALASKA to someone you love!  YOU will be a HERO!

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