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Tana's Bucket List trip to Iceland

Tana has been waiting to go to Iceland for at least a YEAR!!!  Now she has made it!
Wow what an amazing experience...our driver took us out to the middle of no where and look what we got to explore! Hard hats, walking sticks and shoe cleats and all!​
​What a spectacular evening!!! With clear skies and a promising forecast on our side, we sailed out aboard the Andrea from Reykjavík’s Old Harbor in search of the Northern Lights! It was beautiful as we began our way out to sea as hundreds of stars overhead lit up the ski! We sailed around a while in Kollafjörður, when the Northern Lights made some brief appearances here and there, but that wasn’t all. The real show began later, and a green wave of activity spilled forth from over Mount Esja! We watched in awe as the band stretched across the sky, slowly shapeshifting but never fading! It was a beautiful evening out. Definitely a must when on your Icelandic journey! Tomorrow = πŸ‹
​ O.M.G ... so at breakfast I decided to book a last minute whale watching trip! I had great luck with the Northern lights so let’s go!!  Our vessel again was the Andrea. She departed from Reykjavik Old Harbour and we headed into Kollafjörður (fjord) After leaving the dock and braving the cold northerly winds, we sighted the Humpback Whale almost immediately. She played around our boat for the entire 3 hours out. Sooooo exciting and worth every penny!! πŸ‹πŸ€— 
Today was another magical adventure ... “Rufus” my Icelandic Horse took me on a 2 hour ride through a snow covered lava field. Winter Horse Back riding is a little different experience with multiple layers to stay warm but highly recommend it. It was spectacular!! β€‹
Gullfoos Waterfall, Iceland.
We even had time to stop at a marvelous waterfall on the way back to Reykjavík!

Tana's Bucket List trip to Iceland

Iceland was more breathtaking than I ever imagined it would be. I can honestly say it was one of my favorite trips I have ever been on! I loved being able to truly enjoy the destination. I had 5 days to get in as much as possible and I think I did a pretty good job. I got to experience Lava Tunnel   Hiking, Horseback Riding on a Lava Field on Icelandic horses, a visit to Geothermal Baths,      Northern Lights tour, Whale Watching by boat, Snowmobiling and Ice Cave adventure, a visit to Gullfoss Falls and a stop at the Blue Lagoon. Iceland is perfect for  clients that are adventurous or enjoy being outdoors.  Iceland is defiantly a destination I would visit again! ♥ Tana
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