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Our Team is here for you!

We have all been affected by the Coronavirus and take this issue seriously.  Rest assured that our experienced team are prepared and HERE for you when you really need us! Our commitment to our client's well being is our #1 priority!
We will always be accessible by phone and email.  That is the preferred way to contact us.
**If someone needs to come see us and makes an appointment one of us will be available unless more restrictions are placed on us.  
We ask that if you have travelled abroad recently that you refrain from an in person visit to our office and opt in for a phone call or email which we will answer quickly.  Contact:  or  / 262-542-5955
We will continue to monitor the protocols by the Center for Disease control along with state and global travel restrictions. First Choice Travel and Cruise will communicate this to you our VIP clients with any new procedures.
During this time our office may be busy with cancellations, rebooking new dates and other clients, please have patience and a positive attitude that everything will all be back to traveling as usual in the coming weeks!
If you have any questions that are medical related, please contact your doctor.
A link for updated information:
Thank you for your patronage, trust and faith in us, we are here when you need us.
*** You might not know that many clients are rescheduling rather than canceling their plans, some switching to places such as the Caribbean and the Bahamas.
Clients are happy we are here for them.  Here are a few comments:
  • Awesome, I was curious about that but figured we are far out so hopefully no issues. I am glad I went through you for this trip because I know you will be able to help us through it. 
  • I’m planning on bringing my laptop so if we get stranded down there, I can survive and work remotely!  Oh darn!!!
  •  Please shed some light for us.  We don't wish to cancel yet we want to be realistic and make smart, common sense decisions even if it means rescheduling another time.  Thanks in advance, Gayle!