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Lindsey and Tylers Tahitian Honeymoon


Everything was great.  They upgraded us at Moorea.  The tours were also wonderful, although I’d probably do the jet ski in Bora Bora rather than Moorea if I had the choice again. 

They gave us the deluxe garden bungalow instead of the regular, which has the shared wall. This was free of charge. I had them quote what they would charge for an OWB and if I remember right it was something like 200/night.  Which sounded like a great deal.  But, we were happy with the single garden bungalow, especially because of how beautiful the more-lush grounds of Moorea are. 

Also, Lindsey wasn’t so comfortable with the shallower nature of snorkeling in Moorea compared to BB. So I really think we made the right choice to stay in the garden area. 

Either way the entire resort was ridiculously private, it didn’t seem like anyone was even staying around us.



Hi Gayle,

Thank you for your emails! I am glad that you were interested in hearing how things went for us in Tahiti. It was an amazing vacation. I would love to share details and information for other travelers. 

We also found a cute one of us with the bungalos in the background. It was harder to get pictures of the two of us because there were so few people around!

Thanks for all of your help planning the vacation of a lifetime!

Lindsey Stapel